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Shakira told the allegations of tax evasion false, said- ‘I have a lot of evidence’

Shakira (Shakira) is caught in legal troubles due to allegations of tax evasion. He has made his point by calling the allegations of tax fraud ‘false’. Singer spoke in detail about the allegations for the first time in a new interview, before releasing his album five years later.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Shakira had turned down a settlement offer to send the tax fraud case to trial. She was previously accused of failing to pay $15 million in taxes in Spain between 2012 and 2014, but the actress says she was not living in the country during this period.

According to media reports, Shakira was a resident there during that time frame, as she bought a house in Barcelona in 2012. If found guilty, he would face jail terms and a $24 million fine. The popstar dismissed the Spanish government’s claims as “false allegations” in an interview with Elle Magazine. She is planning to fight this case due to her principles.

Shakira says that she does not come under the tax net because she did not spend the required time (183 days) in the country. Singer says that she was busy fulfilling her professional commitments around the world. She says she doesn’t have to pay any money to the Spanish government.

Shakira called the allegations of the Spanish government false
He said, ‘I had already paid everything related to his claim before filing the suit. To this day, I have no dues from them and I was mentored by PricewaterhouseCoopers, one of the four largest tax expert firms in the world, so I was confident that I was doing things in a fair and transparent manner from day one. Was getting it done.’

Shakira made serious allegations
He further said that the Spanish government does not have evidence to substantiate these hypothetical claims. This is what they usually do. They have resorted to press campaigns to influence people and pressurize the media, as well as threaten to damage reputation, to persuade them to settle.

Shakira has enough evidence to prove her point
She further says, ‘It is known to all that the Spanish tax authorities have been doing this not only to me, but to many celebrities like Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, it is also an injustice to the regular tax payer. This is just one of their ways, but I believe that I have enough evidence to support my case and justice will prevail in my favor.

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