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Shahrukh Khan’s funny old video goes viral, netizens said- ‘Mahesh Babu should learn something from this’

south film industry The star of Mahesh Babu is in the headlines these days due to one of his statements. He has come into controversy by making a statement at a promotional event in Hyderabad. In an event, when Mahesh was asked about making his Bollywood debut, Mahesh replied that ‘Bollywood cannot afford me’. Mahesh Babu is being criticized for this statement. Meanwhile, an old video of Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan is going viral on social media. Shahrukh was also asked a similar question, but listening to King Khan’s answer, the fans are advising Mahesh Babu to learn something.

Actually, this video of Shahrukh Khan going viral is of a press conference during the Berlin Film Festival in 2008. The question was asked to the Bollywood actor about making a film in Hollywood. Shahrukh gave a funny answer and said that ‘my English is not good. Maybe if I get the role of a mute person, I can do it.

Smart answer of Shahrukh Khan
Shahrukh Khan further said, ‘I am not showing modesty but I am 42 years old now. My complexion is a bit brownish. I have no USP as an actor. I don’t have any specialties. As I don’t know kung fu, I can’t dance latin salsa and am not very tall. What you are calling a dream factory, I think there is no place for me there. I feel that I am not that talented, so I want to work in Indian films only and want to give recognition to Indian cinema in the world. This is my wish’.

Responding to Mahesh Babu should learn from SRK
Everyone is convinced of Shahrukh Khan’s wit. Shahrukh also refused to work in Hollywood with great love and made everyone happy with his answer. In such a situation, it is being compared with Mahesh Babu’s answer and it is being said that Mahesh Babu should learn from Shahrukh Khan. A social media user wrote, ‘This is the difference between Local Babu and King. Another wrote ‘How Shahrukh explained…not like Mahesh Babu’.

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Mahesh Babu’s answer on Bollywood debut
Mahesh Babu had said that ‘I got many offers in Hindi, but I feel that he cannot afford me. I don’t want to waste my time. The stardom and love that I have in Telugu cinema, I have never thought of going to any other industry.

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