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Seema Khan took this big step with divorce petition from Sohail Khan, you will be stunned to hear

Malaika Arora After the divorce of (Malaika Arora) and Arbaaz Khan, Salman Khan’s younger brother Sohail Khan is also going to divorce his wife Seema Sachdev Khan (Seema kiran Sajdeh). After 24 years of marriage, this decision of separation of both is shocking to the people. Recently, both have filed for divorce in the Family Court of Mumbai. The pictures outside the court went viral, after which the news spread like fire. However, why both of them took this decision, it still remains a secret. But before the divorce, Seema Sachdev Khan did that work, after which everyone is stunned.

Both Sohail Khan and his wife Seema Sachdev Khan are currently living separately. Why is he trying to end the 24-year relationship with a divorce? This still remains a question, but even before the divorce, Seema Khan has taken a big step and changed her surname in front of the name.

Seema removed ‘Khan’ surname from her name
Seema has dropped the surname ‘Khan’ from her name. Seema Khan has changed her name on her Instagram account to ‘Seema Kiran Sachdev’. This is what she used to write her full name before marriage. With this decision of Seema, it is now clear that she has completely separated herself from the Khan family and Sohail Khan.

24 years ago, both of them got married
Seema and Sohail first met at Chunky Pandey’s engagement party. Because Sohail and Seema had different religions, there were a lot of problems in their marriage. Both got married in the year 1998. Seema’s family members were against this marriage, so both of them ran away and got married.

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