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Seeing the condition of Pakistan, Angelina Jolie’s heart swelled, said- ‘Warning for the world’

The condition of Pakistan, which is breathing deeply in the flood after the horrific, is battered. Lakhs of people have lost everything in the grip of floods. The government of Pakistan, even after all the administration and assistance, the flood-affected people are not getting relief.

In such a time of crisis, actress Angelina Jolie is on a tour of Pakistan. After reaching Pakistan, Angelina Jolie took stock of the situation. At the same time, he has called it a terrible scene. Angelina said that she has never seen such a tragedy in her life.

The crisis looming large on thousands of people
Angelina, who reached Pakistan, said, ‘I have never seen such a thing in my life. I have come to Pakistan before. I really like the generosity of the people here. Pakistan is a country which does not have much to offer. We are seeing that small countries like Pakistan have to bear the brunt even though they cause less damage to the environment than other countries. Pakistan is facing the wrath of nature. People are losing their lives in this tragedy. I am with you in this time of crisis. At the same time, I will also inspire international organizations to help. If Pakistan does not get help at this time, then thousands of lives are in danger. Children are becoming victims of starvation.

alarm bells for the world
During her speech, Angelina Jolie has described the floods of Pakistan as an alarm well for the world. Angelina said, ‘The environment is changing rapidly. Its results are in front of us. Now there is no waiting for it, rather it is in front of us. As a humanist, we try to fix the tragedy as soon as we see it. We start looking for ways to make everything right again. Measures are being taken to save people continuously here. The army is constantly saving people from crisis. I also went and saw many places and I felt that if these people do not get adequate help at the right time, then their lives may be in danger.

Angelina Jolie has gone to Pakistan before
Let us tell you that Angelina Jolie has visited Pakistan before. In the year 2005, a major impact of the earthquake was seen in Pakistan. During this, Angelina had come to know the condition of the people of Pakistan. Now Pakistan is troubled due to floods. At such a time, Angelina has once again come to know the condition of the people of Pakistan.

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