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Sapna Chaudhary became romantic with husband Veer Sahu, shared VIDEO and said – ‘Dhadkan’, see

Haryana’s Queen Sapna Choudhary is often in the news due to her scintillating dance and stunning photoshoots. Everyone is crazy about Sapna Chaudhary’s dancing talent and her style. Sapna, who was enthralled by her performance on Haryanvi songs, has once again shared a video on her Instagram, in which she is seen in a romantic mood with her husband Veer Sahu.

While sharing the video, Sapna Choudhary wrote in the caption – ‘Heart beat’. Veer Sahu has also shared the video on his Instagram with the same caption of Sapna.

It can be seen in the latest video that Sapna is enjoying a beautiful sun set moment with her husband. In the video, Sapna is seen hugging her husband in a very romantic way. After watching this romantic video of the couple, their fans have become happy. Fans are commenting continuously and telling the pair of Sapna-Veer Sahu to be fabulous and perfect.

This video of Sapna Chaudhary has been viewed more than 12 thousand times. Earlier, Sapna shared her dance performance video on the song ‘Chand Nazar Aaya’. In the video, Sapna looked traditional in a shimmery suit. While posting the video, Sapna Chaudhary had wished Eid in the caption.

Before this video, Sapna had shared another video. In which she was seen on stage with her husband Veer. In the video, she was seen singing the song “Bol Tere Mitthe Mitthe Baat Teri Saachi Lage” on stage in a blue suit. Sharing this video on Instagram, Sapna wrote in the caption- “Many people ask me which song do you like, all the songs are like my child, Bhed Bhao Maa can’t do it, whoever didn’t hear it Let’s listen to him.” Sapna’s fans liked this video of her.

Sapna Choudhary is a social media sensation. She remains very active on social media. Sapna Choudhary who is popular for her dance moves. People like his performance in the country and the world. His songs become super-duper hits as soon as they arrive. But let us tell you that Sapna has to struggle a lot in her life to reach this point. But today they are famous all over the world. He gave a different identity to Haryanvi songs.

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