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Sanal Kumar got bail only 2 days after his arrest, there were allegations of blackmailing and defaming the famous actress

Indian film director Sanal Kumar Sasidharan was arrested following a complaint filed by actress Manju Warrier alleging blackmail. But on Friday, he was granted bail by a local court in Aluva near here. Sasidharan, arrested on Thursday, was produced before the Aluva First Class Judicial Magistrate Court and during this time he refused to go on station bail. Later the magistrate court listened to him and granted bail.

Sanal Kumar was arrested for blackmaning the actress
According to the police, they wanted to let him go on police station bail on Thursday night itself. But they were insisting that they be taken to court. Then we produced the director in Aluva magistrate court, from where he got bail. Sasidharan, a noted filmmaker in Malayalam, was arrested for blackmailing the actor and maligning his reputation through social media.

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Sanal Kumar, who has claimed that his life is also in danger
Based on the actress’ complaint lodged at the Elmakkara police station here, a team of police personnel shared a video minutes before she was taken into custody. In this clip, the director was seen on Facebook Live claiming that his life was in danger and some people were trying to take him away.

Manju Warrier’s kidnapping was claimed
Whereas before himself, through all the posts, he had told the life of Manju Warrior-starrer in danger. Sasidharan, who directed ‘Kayattam’, recently wrote a post on Facebook claiming that the actress’s life was in danger and in the custody of some people. He also made serious allegations against Manju’s manager Binish Chandran and Binu Nair.

Letter was also written to the Judge and the President
Not only this, the filmmaker also shared a copy of a letter on his FB page regarding the actress, in which he claimed that he had written to the President of India and the Chief Justice of India citing various incidents in Kerala about the law and order situation. But concerns were expressed. Because recently a transgender died in the Manju Warrier case. But neither the actress nor her managers gave any reaction to this post. Later, Warrior lodged a police complaint against Sanal Kumar on Wednesday.

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