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Samar Singh sang Bhojpuri version of Govinda’s song ‘Tum Toh Dhokhbaaz Ho’, Akanksha Dubey performed

From the 80-90s till now, the dominance of Govinda’s dance and songs has not diminished. If any of his films used to come in that time, he used to become a hit only because of his songs and Govinda’s dance. Even today, the fans are convinced of his same style. In such a situation, the Bhojpuri version of his famous song ‘Tum Toh Dhokhebaaz Ho’ has arrived. It is sung by Bhojpuri’s desi star Samar Singh in his best style and actress Akanksha Dubey is seen playing the magic of his style in it.

The video of Bhojpuri song ‘Tum Toh Dhokhebaaz Ho’ has been released from Tips Bhojpuri’s YouTube channel. It is being seen in the video of the song that Samar Singh is telling actress Akanksha Dubey as Banarasi paan. Seeing her agility and beauty, she is blown away. At the same time, the actress in high heels and shorts is also telling him that ‘you are a cheater and leave with fun’. Along with this, Samar again says that ‘If you are also very clever, you will leave us after robbing us’. This fight between both the stars is looking very spectacular. Fans are very fond of it. The song has been shot in the present context of how boys and girls are afraid of each other. Both of them think thousands of times before coming into the relationship.

While Samar Singh’s desi style is being seen in the video, actress Akansha Dubey (Samar Singh And Akansha Dubey Songs) is looking in western style. His look is being seen on sight. His expressions and dance steps in the song are amazing. There is a great chemistry to be seen between Samar Singh and Akanksha. The video of his song has got one million views till the time of writing the news. It has got more than 15 thousand likes. In this, the aspirations of aspiration are being made on sight.

If we talk about the making of Bhojpuri song ‘Tum Toh Dhokhbaaz Ho’, then it has been sung by Samar Singh and Antara Singh Priyanka. The song is freezing in both the voices. Its lyrics are written by Sonu Sargam and music is given by Roshan Singh. The director is Goldie Jaiswal. At the same time, the video of the song has been filmed on Samar Singh and Akanksha Dubey. It is choreographed by Bobby Jackson.

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