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Singer Roop Kumar Rathod, the best singer of Indian cinema, has spread his melodious voice in many Bollywood films. He is such a singer who even if he hums any nagma in a gathering, he gets stunned. Sartaj of such singing, Roop Kumar Rathod has once again presented a very heart touching song. Hearing whose words you will become intoxicated. Yes, this song is ‘Dil Nasheen’. Which Rathod has made sweeter by singing in his melodious voice.

Akanksha won the heart
In the song, Roop Kumar Rathod tells how a lover praises his girlfriend and tells, like ‘Dil nasheen har ada hai teri dilruba ye laughter chandni aina hai tera’. This song can be seen and heard on the official YouTube channel of Worldwide Records. In this song, Kamariya Girl i.e. Bhojpuri actress Akanksha Dubey has performed. Although she is seen raising the hearts of the fans with her boldness in every song, but this time she has won the hearts of the audience with her boldness instead of boldness and her expressions.


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The audience could not stop themselves from praising him. Akanksha Dubey has given her best performance till date in this song. ‘Dil Nasheen’ has been shot on a grand scale. Presented by Worldwide Records ‘Dil Nasheen’ is produced by Ratnakar Kumar. The song is sung by singer Roop Kumar Rathod, features Akanksha Dubey. The same lyrics have been written by Naksh Lyal Puri. Its music is given by Vijay Batalvi. The song is directed by Sumit Bharatdwaj. The full rights of the song are with Worldwide Records.


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