Ritwik Sahore and Lisa Mishra share the thrilling tales of the shooting of the song ‘Door Akhiyon Se’

Recently, people have liked the song ‘Door Akhiyon Se’ released by VYRL Originals. In a few days, this song has been viewed more than 37 lakh times on YouTube alone. People have praised this song fiercely. The video of this song sung in the voices of Lisa Mishra and Rochak Kohli was also appreciated by the people.

Actor Ritwik Sahore and singer Lisa Mishra of the video of this song talked to News18. During the conversation, Rithvik and Lisa narrated funny stories during the shooting. Also shared experiences while working in this song.

Lisa Mishra told that she had to struggle

Singer Lisa Mishra told that after hard work of about 2 years, we made the song. During this we worked hard. Made all the preparations and finally people are liking the song. Lisa told that we started this song in September 2020. After that we worked on it. Recording work done. The period after Corona was also very difficult. There was some trouble during that time but the work did not stop. After almost 2 years of hard work, now the song has arrived.

Lisa said that it is a matter of happiness that 2 years of hard work has paid off. While sharing the shooting experience, Lisa said that we have shot the song in Shimla. We did a lot of outdoor visits during the shoot. Did adventure sports too. The shooting experience was good.

took a liking to music
Ritvik Sahore told that I love music. Ritvik told that an opportunity had come in front of me. Which I happily accepted. After that we started working. The song has been shot in Shimla. We had a lot of fun during the shoot. Rithvik told that the song has been shot almost all over Shimla. Enjoyed the shooting a lot. We shot on Mall Road in Shimla. Also we did hiking during the shooting.

People liked ‘Away from Akhiyon Se’
This song was launched on 2nd September. People have liked this song a lot. So far this song has been seen by more than 37 lakh people. This song is sung by Lisa Mishra and Rochak Kohli. Rochak Kohli has composed the song. The lyrics of the song are by Gurpreet Saini and Gautam Sharma.

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