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Ritika Chhebar has worked with many singers including Jubin Nautiyal, this music video got 30 million views

TV And celebs from the film industry are showing their presence in music videos (Ritika Chhaber Music Video). He is gaining popularity through music videos. Actress Ritika Chheber is also doing something similar. He has a lot of fan following on social media. Ritika, a resident of MP, moved to Mumbai after graduation. After doing many types of work, she started appearing in music videos. His charming smile and charming face made millions of hearts beat.

Some music videos of Ritika Chhaber Instagram have been viewed more than 20 million times on Instagram. She appears in Punjabi music videos. We all know that Punjabi music videos have been rocking the internet for years. Apart from this, Ritika Chhebar’s personality and expression instantly steals the hearts of the fans.

Do you think creating a fantasy is an easy task? If you answered ‘yes’, then maybe you should reconsider your views as actress Ritika Chheber’s career confirms that maintaining a fan base is more difficult than achieving one.

Ritika Chheber interacts with fans

Hrithik Chhaber has been seen in music videos for more than a decade. He has worked in many music videos which you cannot guess. Ritika Chheber also knows a thing or two about connecting with her fans. She interacts with him through her social media platforms and updates him about her personal life.

Ritika Chheber music video

Ritika Chhaber Song gives the love and appreciation that she gets to her fans. Ritika has more than 4 lakh followers on Insta. He has worked for big singers like Gajendra Verma’s ‘Man Mera’, Ankit Sai Raj’s ‘Pehla Tere Kar’, Sippy Gill’s ‘Pyaar Nahi Ghata (which has got 30 million views)’, Jubin Nautiyal’s ‘Ganesh’ Song and Sukhwinder Singh. Appeared in music video.

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