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Before the release of Bhojpuri superstar Ritesh Pandey’s song ‘Central Jail’, there was a lot of discussion. This song of Ritesh was released on Saturday. He was posting something related to the song on his social media for several days. Because of which the fans were eagerly waiting for this song of his. The story of separation was told in the video. The video is emotional in which Ritesh narrates the condition of his heart.

what is the story

Ritesh is a prisoner in jail. They learn that the one they love is about to get married. Ritesh’s opposite Aastha Singh is in the video. His turmeric rituals are performed in the song. In the next part of the song, love-filled moments pass between Riteish and Aastha. Only then the girl’s father comes to know about this and he sends Ritesh to jail.

Millions of people watched

This song is sung by Ritesh Pandey. The video has been released on YouTube channel Wave Music. Lyrics of the song are written by Mukesh Mishra and music is by Raj Ghazipuri. The director of the video is Sonu Verma. Millions of people have watched the song within a few hours of its release.

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what was written in the post

Riteish had written a post on Friday, Central Jail, very soon Rauva log khatir le ke aa rahal bani very cute sad song Javna ke aap log ke u eagerly waiting only and only from youtube channel of wave music. Pyaar darling as always, this time too Banwale Rahab Ja.’


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