Ritesh broke silence on Rakhi Sawant’s allegations, said – I will answer legally

Rakhi Sawant’s social media accounts were hacked on Saturday, after which she along with boyfriend Adil Khan reached Mumbai’s Oshiwara police station. Where he filed a case accusing ex-husband Ritesh of hacking. Now her ex-husband i.e. Ritesh has reacted on these allegations of Rakhi. Ritesh bluntly said that he will give a legal answer to his allegations to Rakhi.

On the question of Rakhi Sawant’s allegations, Rakhi’s ex-husband Ritesh said that he will definitely answer the allegations, but in a legal way. Talking to ETimes, he said that the situation is absolutely transparent. He didn’t have any problem till I spent crores of rupees on him and when I stopped spending he started making such allegations against me.

Ritesh said – Rakhi can do any drama
Ritesh further said that this has happened today but there is no doubt that in future he should accuse me more to defame me. She can even say that she and Adil want to go to Bigg Boss house. Only she can do all this drama. I am far away from him and am happy in my life. He has given me a lot of emotional trouble and now I have gone too far from him.

Rakhi used Riteish!
Rakhi’s ex-husband Ritesh further said that she has been using me for the last three years. He did not have a car, nor did he have any belongings in the house. I have bought everything that is in his house. Riteish accused Rakhi that she is so shameless that she has kept another boy in the house illegally.

Ritesh was married to Rakhi?
Did you marry Rakhi? In response to this question, he said that he should talk to Rakhi about it, because now I will talk only with evidence.

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