Reena Dutta as well as Kiran Rao attended Aamir Khan’s daughter Ayra’s birthday party

Aamir Khan Daughter of Ayra Khan celebrated her 25th birthday on May 8, whose pictures are fiercely dominated on the Internet. Aamir Khan, his half-brother Azad, his mother Reena Dutta as well as Kiran Rao, Aamir Khan’s second wife, are also seen in these pictures with Ayra Khan. In other pictures, Aira’s boyfriend Nupur Shikhare is seen showering love on her, as well as Kiran can also be seen enjoying in the pool with Ayra.

Looking at the pictures, it is known that a pool party was organized to make the birthday special. Ayra Khan has shared some pictures of her birthday party on her Instagram. While sharing these pictures, Ayra has shared a heart emoji in the caption. Ayra has got very attractive pictures taken out with all the friends and family members who attended her birthday party. In the pictures, everyone is seen having fun in the pool.

Ayra had a lot of fun in the party
Ayra Khan has shared all the pictures on her Instagram. In the first picture, Ayra is seen blowing out the candles before cutting the cake, in the second picture she is seen chilling in a restaurant. In other pictures, Ayra is looking very romantic in the pool wearing a bikini with her boyfriend Nupur Shikhar. Then in the fourth picture, she is seen in the pool with Aamir’s second wife Kiran Rao.

very special birthday
Nupur has sometimes raised Ayra in her lap and sometimes hugged her. Posting these photos on her Instagram, Nupur wrote in the caption, ‘Happy birthday my love. I love you very much.” In the rest of the pictures, Ayra is seen having fun with all the friends. After seeing Ayra’s photo and video, it seems that her birthday was special for her. She seemed very happy to spend time with her family and friends and boyfriend.

Ayra is the daughter of Aamir Khan’s first wife
tell you that Ayra Aamir Khan And is the daughter of his first wife Reena Dutta. Apart from Ayra, Aamir and Reena also have a son, whose name is Junaid. In the year 1986, Aamir and Reena got married after running away from home. This marriage lasted for about 16 years and then both got divorced in the year 2002. After this, in the year 2002, Aamir married Kiran Rao, although this marriage did not last long and both separated in 2021. Both have a son, whose name is Azad Rao Khan.

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