Reema Lagoo Birth Anniversary: ​​This picture of Reema Lagoo changed the life of a photographer

Reema Lagoo As soon as the name of the name comes, the face of such an actress full of love comes to the fore, whose seductive smile and talking eyes automatically give an introduction to her acting ability. Reema, who started her career in theater, worked in Marathi and Hindi films. She has also registered her strong presence on TV. Born on June 21, 1958, Reema is known for her role of mother in films. Today, on the birth anniversary of Reema, let us tell you about the photographer for whom the angel was made.

Reema Lagoo brought up her child not only on screen but in real life on her own strength and managed to make a separate identity by raising her head high in the society. Reema’s mother was also a Marathi actress, so from the time of her studies, Reema’s tendency was also towards acting. She started acting as soon as she passed 10th. Reema, who was a strong actress of Marathi theater and Marathi cinema, made her debut in Hindi cinema in 1980 with the film ‘Kalyug’.

Reema raised her daughter alone
It was during acting that Reema Lagoo became friends with Marathi actor Vivek Lagoo. Friendship turned into love and finally marriage. They have a daughter, Mrinmayi Lagoo. For a few days, Reema-Vivek’s married life was happy, but later there was such a rift that both of them separated. Reema spent the rest of her life raising her daughter.

Reema lagoo

Today is the birth anniversary of Reema Lagoo. (Photo Credits: Movies N Memories/twitter)

Reema’s portfolio changed the fate of the photographer
Well-known photographer Ashish Sompura had told in the interview that ‘Rima Didi’s portfolio was shot in 1985. I was new then and she was a well known actress, yet relied on new photographers like me for my portraits. After clicking some pictures in my small studio, I asked them for an outdoor shoot and that shoot gave me luck. After this, many actors related to acting and modeling started coming to my studio.

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Reema Di came as an angel for me
Ashish Sompura had told, ‘After years, when I came to get my daughter’s portfolio clicked, I reminded me that at that time you had charged only Rs 600. I said I don’t want a single rupee from you because you came to me as an angel, your pictures changed my destiny and made me recognized as a photographer’.

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