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Read in Bhojpuri – 102 Baris Ke Ho Gini Bhairavi’s unmatched singer Jang Bahadur Babu

Today, in the hands of Hamani, history is engraved in the form of a mural painting in a cave-candra, somewhere in the form of an artwork, it has been buried in the soil, somewhere in the form of a manuscript written on a piece of paper, cloth and paper. From one generation to the next, the chili-spice mills got blown away. Said that he saved his life, he made history and lived for centuries. Didn’t keep the records of the young people, whether they were the ones of the first, or those of the present, when the burial could not be made. Jabale insan aa oh daur people jeet ba table ta u memory remained in memory but in this legend, in folk tales, it was blown away after the aila of ego wave.

In the history of Bhojpuri folk singing, there have been many singers, jekar na tha kawano cassette records bhil, na kaavano audio-video ba, oh many people in mario-bila gail; Jeker Kehu Naam Leva Naikhe. Oh people who need to archive two things alive. Today we are talking about Bhojpuri folk singer Jang Bahadur Singh’s Jharia, Dhanbad, Asansol Dhile Calcutta in the sixties and seventies, let’s keep stirring with his singing. The organizers were present on the posters of the people, which were decorated with jalebi and curd cakes.

Jang Bahadur Singh should be adept at screwing up the stakes with the wrestling arena

Jang Bahadur Singh, a resident of Siwan, was born in Bhail on 10 December 1920. Gujral in Jang Bahadur Babu’s Jawaani Kushti Auri Gaikki, who had a tonkar voice even at the age of 102 years. May Jangbahadur Singh Bhairavi be the unmatched singer of O Bera of Ramayana. First of all, a lot of physical training should come before the wrestler in wrestling. Later, when the folk song Gawanai Ke Nasha Chadhaal Ta Pher Apan Bhari Auri Ucha Scale Wala waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa waaz waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa waaz waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa waaz waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy[a]theme-based rendition. Jang Bahadur Singh had a good time that Ego God lived in Asansol, Senrale Cycle Factory and other villages. Village Mane Kausad Siwan. He did a job in Asansol then. Today Jenga singers would have attained Raja Auri celebrity status by singing on YouTube, Digital Streaming Platform by singing in lakhs of lakhs of rupees concerts, then it is not aisan rahe. Then Swantha Sukhay Geet-Gavanai Hokhe. For the sake of Kehu Kehu Okra, give something in the Neg Dev ta U big earning Manal Jaav. The rest of the clap was filled with applause.

The fame of Jang Bahadur Babu grew and gathered in the area around Asansol, Jharia, Dhanbad, Bokaro. He was neither a singing professional nor a cassette yug (the era of cassette company). Eh se singing applause in the form of income. From job-chakri to thirteen-two. Later, the burden of the family, the feeling of responsibility, aap paisa ke nezat ka ke paisa got away from her singing. In summary, Ihe dastan ba ki oo rozi-roti i.e. sacrifice your talent or hobby at the sacrifice of job-chakri. Baakir Babu Jung remained ego and compulsion with Bahadur Singh. Doctor’s refusal due to sore throat and eye discomfort. Babu Jang Bahadur Singh When without a mike, the voice echoed in the surrounding four villages. Khas K’s Bhairavi singing tha sama banh desh. Today, even on the slopes of age, seeing his voice hold on to the raga-sur-rhythm, I was easily convinced.

Some of the folk singers contemporaries of Jang Bahadur Babu are Ba Bacchu Miyan, Bachchan Misir, Virender Singh (Chapra), Virender Singh Dhuran (Ballia), Ram Iqbal Ji (Ghazipur), Tillesar Ji (Ara), Ramji Singh Vyas (Ballia). ), Gayatri Thakur, Shrinath Singh and Nathuni Singh. The famous Auri of his era, the singer who lived on the tongue of everyone, most of the people have passed away. Some of the recordings of Gaval Geetan were uploaded on YouTube, while the videography of some of the program’s programs would be archived on YouTube. After all, the Kala and Culture Department of Bihar, by using its resources, researching, finding and gathering it all, which is happening in the state of Assam, Gujarat, without any talk of the matter.

Jang Bahadur Babu told that when he was thirty-forty years old, oh time, when the songs were singing, people wrote slips saying that empty village ke naikhe, some poses were also seen after… Was in action in Gaavat.

Folk singer Bharat Sharma Vyas and Indian hockey team coach Harendra Singh also admired the singing of Jang Bahadur Babu.

Harendra Singh Bataveni, coach of the Indian hockey team, said that “I am one of the lucky ones that in my childhood I have heard Jang Bahadur Babu’s chit in my village Bangra, Chapra and have seen him with my own eyes. I admire his art of playing the jhal while singing. ,

Box The famous Bhojpuri folk singer Bharat Sharma Vyas ji then remained at the beginning of singing. Uhaan ke oh time ke remembrance emotional saying that “First of all we do salutations to singer Jang Bahadur babu that humni se senior rahani aa oh zamana ke aapne ego uhan ke naam lihal jaat rahe mein singing. When from Calcutta we came to the coalfield, when we came to the coalfield, there would be singing of our aa uhaan. Oh Ghari sang so wonderfully, especially of Bhairavi. … Aa sabse khushi ke baat e ba ki puranka singer log mein sab kehu chal basal aa jung bahadur babu hundred baris ke umir also became healthy. ,

Who is Aini in the singing line? .. On this question Jang Bahadur Babu ego interesting incident to mention “Ago Vyas at one place, remain crowded. Humra se na dekhle gaye te je Vyas should be alone on his behalf, we have to take some bitterness. Opposite party ke dun vyas ji lo ke bada lagal. O people, people from our area. Later, the challenge became that after the defeat of Oh people. Then Auri drowned in Riyaz. Many times in Gavanai, Aisan Bhail ba ki Ram Iqbal ji, Tillesar ji aa Ramji Singh Vyas ek side se aa hum ek side se. .. many plums! Oh people see our courage and increase. … come when three people are heavy on their clap, don’t ask for it.”

Story-story telling-telling Jang Bahadur Babu song Gaave cost bani – “Hamni ke hai bhojpuriya e bhai ji / Arena mein jaile, hard work banile, kanhwa pa mali-mali dhuria e bhai ji”

Pher Apna Pahlavni’s day was talked about in the mind pare cost bani- “We were very fond of fighting with small body parts until we started fighting in the coalfield area in Calcutta. People said that we fought the account of Nanhaku ji of Banaras. We even fought with a wrestler of three quintals. Then in two weeks, eating three kilograms of beef, killed a thousand cows every day. For the sake of fighting the rest of the wrestler should be strong. Wrestlers, our jobs remained busy. In the coalfield area, our brothers, the bosses of labor leader Ramdev Singh, were recruited for the wrestling challenge of Hamra, but be horrified to see the bodies of three quintals of the wrestler in front of us. We should not trust them. Well, three men of the wrestler in front should offer underpants. The Bengali saying that Baba Re Baba, if E falls on the body, then the small wrestler will die under pressure. But when oh three quintal wala ke four food chit ka chit ka, the people of UP-Bihar were mad with joy. Declared lions of Purvanchal of Hamra. After okra, many riots broke out in Bengal. In Park Circus too many ber wrestling bhil ba.”

Why give up wrestling? … In response to Jung Bahadur Babu Batwani that, “Doing duty, wrestling will be difficult.… To see that there would have been district-district district-to-district in singing, there would have been Dugola and there would have been riots in Ehu. In ta eh riots, our more joy ave lagal. We are immersed in Ramayana aa patriotic song. Along with Ballia wala Dhuran ji, many times in the Ramayana, our Dugola Bhail Ba. Watch Ramayana overnight. Public’s love and demand increased, Lagal to Manvo bade Lagal. Many cows of Bhojpuri sang Nirgun, Purbi, Patriotism etc.

Jang Bahadur Babu fer humb, “Hum hum karelss vichar tohar fel ba / Jhamel kawana kaam ke jaye ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke le ba”

We ask, “Router then studies and writing are also not special. Etna bada-bada song raura iyaad kiise rahela?”
Eh se (singing) itna na love ho gayal rahe…Aa kuch mai ke kripa bhail tha bas sab hokhe lagal. …the mind becomes restless when you see the actors, the singers. Ekra Bad Jang Bahadur Babu Veer Abdul Hameed Aa Subhash Chandra Bose Jison Listening to the song on personality. Listen to the song on Sita Haran Aa Kaushalya Haran.
We ask – what is the name of Ghari’s singing?
The answer is Millal- Fuhr-Patar Na Gave Ke Desire. Hamni ke kabo na gavani.

Jang Bahadur Babu’s Samundar Bani Folk Song. Lots of content close to you. Sunla to Orai Na. The treasure trove of folk songs. Just a lot of water came out when it extinguished from the sea. Just a lot of water ba e batkahi.

In the end Ego Ghazal Sunwani Jawan Oh Bera remained very popular –

Ain-ain harla mein ke kuchu naikhe
E-Zamaa se derla mein kuchu naikhe

Aai kare ke baa tavan kar lihal jaav
Everyday something new in Samparla

Cannons are the cannons of cheeses
Things to do in Akra’s Ugharla

Ghazi poetry should not have fun
Try something on the empty tooth Chirala

During this conversation, we listened to the songs of Uhaan se baatiyawat aa uhan, we felt that if the singing records of here are not available on time, then today in Hindustani singing, Jang Bahadur Singh ego anonymous name is not free.

(The writer Manoj is passionate about Bhojpuri literature and cinema.)

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