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Rapper Hiteshwar, popularly known as Bhojpuria Badshah, is bringing Bhojpuri folk rap for the first time, shooting completed

Although people often know the name of the pop singer of Punjabi or Hollywood as soon as they hear the name of the rapper, but very few people know that Bhojpuri also has a famous artist singing a rap song. His name is Hiteshwar (Bhojpuri rapper Hiteshwar) but he is famous as ‘Bhojpuria Badshah’. He has changed the definition of rap song as if. Whenever a song of his comes, it is covered on social media. Recently, the famous rapper Hiteshwar, who has established rap songs in Bhojpuri folk, has completed the shooting of his two songs.

Bhojpuri Folk Rap Song
Rapper Hiteshwar has shot both the beautiful songs in Mumbai, which is now in the post production phase and both these songs are going to be released soon. Let us tell you that Bhojpuri Badshah has completed the shooting of the songs ‘Matlabi Log’ and ‘Ratiya Birratiya’. Rapper Hiteshwar, who always thinks differently, is rapping Bhojpuri Folk for the first time, which is produced by Sanjay Bhushan Patiala. In this way, many of his songs have been sung rap, but this time there is something special, rapper Hiteshwar has high hopes from this song.

Meaningful song based on real life
Regarding his rap song, rapper Hiteshwar told that both the songs are different from each other. Where the song mean people is based on those people, who only mean by their meaning and do not even look back when the meaning is lost. Rapper Hiteshwar has composed this song best about this condition. Its music is given by Darshan Barot and lyrics are by Kunal Bihari. The video director is Sumit Suman (Bittu), while the DOP and editor is Sudeep Suman.

Ratia Birratia is very close to rapper
At the same time, the second song Ratia Birratiya is also a great song, close to my heart and it is also going to be a very banging song. That’s why all of you are requested to definitely listen to my songs and give your love. Let us inform that the lyrics of this song have been given by Hiteshwar and Kunal Bihari together and music is by Dhruv Patel. The video director of this song is Sumit Suman (Bittu), while the DOP and editor is Sudeep Suman. Sanjay Bhushan Patiala is both the producer and PRO of the song. Both these songs are going to be released soon, preparations for which have also been started.

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