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Ram Charan- Jr was not difficult for NTR Natu Natu of RRR, did Rajamouli deliberately upset the stars?

Ram Charan Jr NTR starrer period-actionr Rise Roar Revolt (RRR) made a stellar collection at the box office in the era of the COVID-19-pandemic. Directed by SS Rajamouli, the film revolves around a fictional story of two freedom fighters, based on Komaram Bheem and Alluri Sitarama Raju. In the film, Bhim is a member of the Gond community trying to save a girl from the British while Ram is a police officer serving an English regiment. The two become best friends to turn each other’s nemesis until they discover each other’s hidden motives. Every single scene of the film has been appreciated by the audience of the country and the world and it has also been seen by the family members.

Rajamouli made Natu tough
Apart from the action-packed scenes, the songs of the film were also well-liked but the most became the reels on ‘Naacho Naacho’. In this song, the hook steps of Ram Charan and Jr NTR became very viral on social media. The lead characters of the film captivated everyone with their dance and managed to impress both the dashing style fans. In this song, both the stars had synchronized their moves perfectly. But do you know that SS Rajamouli deliberately made the dance practice of Junior NTR and Ram Charan very difficult to make the perfect number.

Many times actors were harassed for perfection
In a previous conversation with Bollywood Hungama, SS Rajamouli revealed that the hook step of Nacho Nacho was not difficult for Ram Charan and Jr NTR to learn. However, in order to nail it with perfection, the filmmakers used to ask the actors to practice it again and again. The director explained to both the superstars that his intention was not to harass them. Instead, they wanted them to be synchronized in a way that would entertain the audience to the next level.

Rajamouli sad to see Ram Charan and NTR
SS Rajamouli also revealed that he was heartbroken when he saw Ram Charan and Komaram Bheem tired during the practice session of Nacho-Nacho. However, the filmmaker had to be strict and appealed to the stars to take the right step. He told, ‘I told him that I wanted to harass him for this purpose. I never mentioned him during the shoot, but when I saw him, my heart was trembling with pain. They were trying so hard to perfect, at that point I just had to be like a hard wooden face and say no, you have to fix it. But I felt bad that I got him to do this many times.

Rajamouli does not show sympathy on the sets
It is worth mentioning that NTR and Ram Charan themselves have also told many times that Rajamouli is very tough on the set and he does not listen to anyone. Tarak, who played the character of Koma Ram Bheem in the film, had said that the strange demands of the director had to be fulfilled on the sets, where Rajamouli shows no sympathy. According to NTR, ‘If there is a small problem between Charan or me, then we focus on forgetting it during the shooting.’ In response to this, Rajamouli said, I have to control myself for not showing sympathy, if I start doing this, then stop the shoot for a day, then it will cause huge loss to the production house.

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