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Rakhi Sawant will become the mother of twins! Flaunt baby bump in VIDEO / Rakhi Sawant to become mother of twins! Flaunt baby bump in VIDEO

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Rakhi Sawant


  • Rakhi shows off baby bump
  • Told that the mother of two children will become
  • people are trolling

Rakhi Sawant Flaunts Baby Bump: Recently, Alia Bhatt gave good news to the fans by announcing her pregnancy, while now another big news has come. Because drama queen Rakhi Sawant has also announced her pregnancy. Not only this, in the latest video, Rakhi Sawant is flaunting baby bump and is telling that she is going to give birth to twins. Aren’t you surprised! Hey, you also know that Rakhi Sawant is so adept at grabbing the attention of your fans. So once again she has entertained her fans by adopting this pregnancy trick.

The paparazzi burst out laughing

Actually Rakhi Sawant is seen with baby bump in this video. It was not enough that in the video Rakhi said that God came in her dream and said that she was going to give birth to the Messiah who would reform the sinners. After which the paparazzi could not stop laughing. Watch this video…

people trolled

While some people are calling this funny style of Rakhi funny, some people have also trolled Rakhi by calling this video ugly. Being a woman, he is calling such a joke very bad.

Ongoing romance with Adil

Let us tell you that Rakhi Sawant is busy with her boyfriend Adil these days. She is enjoying her relationship with Adil. It is reported that both are also planning for marriage and it is possible that soon they will also get married.

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