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Rakhi Sawant gets cheated in love again!, boyfriend Adil refuses to get married because of this

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Rakhi Sawant


  • There is a rift in Rakhi and Adil’s relationship.
  • Adil has even postponed the decision of marriage with Rakhi.
  • She does not like the way she wears Rakhi.

Rakhi Sawant: Rakhi Sawant remains a topic of discussion every day due to her words. Many people like Rakhi Sawant, while many people do not like her at all. Let us tell you that Rakhi Sawant and her boyfriend Adil Durrani were together for some time. Often Adil used to give expensive gifts to Rakhi. Rakhi and Adil both look very happy together. Rakhi and her often videos were also viral. They used to be seen lounging together, but in the midst of all this news is now coming that there has been a rift in the relationship between Rakhi and Adil. Let us tell you that Rakhi has been cheated in love many times.

Rakhi clothes became a reason

According to the information, Adil has started having many complaints with Rakhi. Adil Durrani is no longer happy with Rakhi and he himself has given the reason for this. Not only this, Adil has even postponed the decision of marriage with Rakhi. A few days back Adil Durrani had revealed that his family does not like Rakhi and their relationship. The reason for this is the Rakhi clothes. Adil’s family is a bit particular about the veneer. In such a situation, they do not like the way of wearing Rakhi clothes.

postpone the wedding

At the same time, during an interview, Adil had made a big disclosure. Adil had said that Rakhi Sawant doubts him a lot. Rakhi feels that I still talk to my ex girlfriend. Also I go to him. Adil had also told that whenever he used to go to his house, Rakhi used to doubt him. Rakhi had also sent some people behind for her spying. Adil feels that Rakhi is being too insecure. In such a situation, if the family is also involved then there will be a problem. Adil says that he cannot marry Rakhi Sawant because Rakhi is very insecure. That’s why he is postponing the marriage.

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