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Rakhi Sawant eager to become a mother after Alias ​​pregnancy said – when will I be pregnant | Rakhi Sawant Video: Rakhi Sawant, eager to become a mother after Alia’s pregnancy, said – when will I be…

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Rakhi Sawant

Rakhi Sawat On Pregnancy: These days Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor’s child is being discussed in the entire Bollywood corridor. Ever since Alia Bhatt has given information about her upcoming child, people have been congratulating her. But if someone else’s name is trending, then where does our drama queen Rakhi Sawant tolerate this. Therefore, taking advantage of this opportunity, Rakhi Sawant also said something about her pregnancy that her video has become fiercely viral. Actually, after hearing the news of Alia’s pregnancy, Rakhi has become desperate to become a mother without marriage.

Rakhi want to get pregnant before marriage?

Something happened that recently Rakhi Sawant was spotted by paparazzi in Mumbai. Photographers asked Rakhi to react on Alia’s pregnancy. Just then what was Rakhi Sawant said in response, “When will I be there… When will the good news come in my life… Even before marriage, there is no tension. Even before marriage, good news can come in my life.” As soon as the good news comes, I will get married the next day.

Rakhi will give birth to Messiah from her womb

Not only this, Rakhi Sawant also told how her child would be. Rakhi said, “Yes it happens right now. All I know is that one day from my womb the Messiah… Nabi… I will produce like this. Those who will be saviors for this country.. Those who do drugs.” I, in alcohol, in adultery, in a lot of mischief, in rape, in those who are trapped in murder, will show them the right path. You guys know what a nice girl I am.”

People are making fun of Rakhi

Rakhi Sawant is getting trolled once again after this video surfaced. People are making fun of Rakhi’s messiah talk, while someone is taking pity on their future child, that the poor person has been suppressed by so many hopes even before birth. Remind that Rakhi is making headlines these days for her relationship with Adil Durrani.

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