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Rakhi Sawant Angry: Rakhi Sawant got angry, followed the rickshaw with a shovel on the road

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Rakhi Sawant


  • Rakhi Sawant was seen in anger
  • Was seen with a shovel on the road
  • video going viral

Rakhi Sawant Latest Video: Drama queen Rakhi Sawant knows how to win the hearts of her fans, so every day she looks for new ways to entertain her fans. Sometimes with her dress and sometimes with her words, Rakhi remains in the headlines every day. But a video of Rakhi Sawant, who is always having fun, is going viral in which she is seen running on the road in anger.

Rakhi behind the rickshaw with a shovel in hand

Her fans are very surprised to see this video of Rakhi Sawant. Because in this video she is seen very angry. She has a shovel in her hand, with which Rakhi is running angrily behind a rickshaw. But you will be really surprised to know that after all Rakhi Sawant is expressing her displeasure. Watch this video…

Rakhi is upset with the situation of rain

Let us tell you that Rakhi is not angry with any person but due to excessive rain in Mumbai. Trees have been broken in many places due to this rain, while dirt has spread in many places. In such a situation, when Rakhi saw something similar outside her gym, she got angry and all this was not seen from her. Taking a shovel in her hand, she started looking here and there. Rakhi’s anger increased when people stopped to see her. After which she angrily ran after a rickshaw.

Ongoing romance with Adil

Let us tell you that Rakhi Sawant is busy with her boyfriend Adil these days. She is enjoying her relationship with Adil. Although Adil is not seen together in this video. It is reported that both are also planning for marriage and it is possible that soon they will also get married.

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