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Rakesh Mishra’s Navratri special song ‘Kuaare Me Barat’ released, Bhojpuri star’s co-star got angry in VIDEO!

#Video Kuaare Me Barat | #2022 Official Mata Bhajan | #rakeshmishra #alkajha T-Series: Even before the start of Sharadiya Navratri, many stars of Bhojpuri cinema are releasing back to back bhajans of Maa Ambe. These days, every day different singers of Bhojpuri cinema are bringing their goddess songs. Meanwhile, Rakesh Mishra’s new song ‘Kuaare Me Barat’ has been released and Bhojpuri music world’s actress Neha Singh is seen with him. This song of the actor has joined the million club and its views are increasing rapidly.

In ‘Kuaare Me Barat’, along with Rakesh Mishra and Neha Singh, the rest of the actors are also seen swinging in the devotion of mother Ambe. This Devigeet is filled with devotional atmosphere in which everyone can be seen immersed in the festivities. However, in between, there is a tussle between the two stars in its video and it is seen that Rakesh gets angry with his co-star. Lyrics of this song have been written by Chotan Manish and music is given by Abhishek Tiwari while Vikas Pandey is its composer. More than 15 lakh people have seen the song in 2 days and more than 2 thousand users have pressed the like button on it. This song is sung by Rake Mishra in association with Bhojpuri singer Alka Jha. It was released on 19 September 2022 on the official YouTube channel of T-Series Hamaar Bhojpuri.

Before ‘Kuaare Me Barat’, the video of Rakesh Mishra’s Devi song ‘Maa Meri Kab Se Khadi Hai’ (Maa Meri Kab Se Khadi hai) was released. In this, he is seen immersed in devotion with Kashish. In the video of this song, the actors ask people to come to the court of the mother. He is seen saying that ‘Le Awa Puja Ke Thal Ha Chunaria Ilal… Aai Bhaage Shubh Ghadi Hai… Hali Hali Paakhar Re Maliniya Maa Meri Kabse Khadi Hai…’ The chemistry of Rakesh and Kashish is being well-liked in the video. .

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