Rajesh Khattar B’day: Rajesh Khattar should be in discussion about his personal life more than his acting, voice resonates in Hollywood

Rajesh Khattar He has registered his special identity by working in many big films and TV serials. Born on 24 September 1966 in Delhi, Rajesh made a special identity not only with his acting but also because of his voice. Rajesh and Neelima separated after spending 11 years happily married life with famous actress Neelima Azeem. His son Ishaan Khattar is also busy making his place in the film world.

Rajesh Khattar has earned more money by dubbing than acting. The voice of Rajesh, who works as a dubbing artist in different languages, is also well-liked in Hollywood. You will be surprised to know about Rajesh, who has achieved a big place in the world of dubbing, that many big Hollywood stars have become the voice.

Rajesh’s voice is also liked in Hollywood
Rajesh Khattar has done dubbing work for all Hollywood actors like Tom Hacks, Johnny Depp, Jack Black, Robert Brownie. Rajesh has worked in films like ‘Don’, ‘Khiladi 786’, ‘Race 2’, ‘Traffic’, ‘Manjunath’. Rajesh has also won the Best Actor Award for the negative character. Apart from TV shows ‘Phir Wahi Talaash’, ‘Junoon’, ‘Left Right’, ‘Kumkum Ek Pyara Sa Bandhan’, ‘Babul’, ‘Extremely’, he also worked in Crime Patrol.

Rajesh also has good bonding with Shahid Kapoor
Rajesh Khattar has been in a lot of discussion about his acting and voice dubbing as well as his personal life. Neelima Azim got divorced from her first husband Pankaj Kapur and married Rajesh Khattar. However, the marriage of Rajesh and Neelima also lasted only 11 years. Ishaan Khattar was only 6 years old when these two separated. Now Ishaan has also stepped into Bollywood. Rajesh Khattar is also a very good person, he also has good bonding with Neelima and Pankaj’s son Shahid Kapoor.

rajesh khattar, ishaan khattar, shahid kapoor

Rajesh Khattar with Ishaan and Shahid. (Photo Credits: rajesh_khattar/Instagram)

Rajesh did not want to do second marriage
It is said that when he got divorced from Neelima, he never wanted to get married again. This disclosure was also made by his second wife Vandana Sajnani. Vandana had told in an interview that Rajesh was ready to live in the live-in but not for the second marriage. Vandana had persuaded Rajesh a lot for marriage. There was also a rumor during the Corona period that Rajesh Khattar was going through a financial crisis, although the actor denied it and was very angry at those spreading such news.

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