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Producer Mukesh Bhatt said- ‘If Bollywood can’t afford Mahesh Babu, then what’s wrong with it?’

The superstar of South cinema who ruled crores of hearts Mahesh Babu Recently, that statement made on behalf of Bollywood has created a ruckus on social media, in which he said that ‘I do not want to waste my time working in Bollywood, because Bollywood cannot afford me’. There is an uproar in Bollywood on this statement of Mahesh Babu. However, at many places this statement of his was also presented in a twisted manner. At the same time, many celebrities and filmmakers have reacted to his statement, in which filmmaker Mukesh Bhatt has also joined.

In a conversation with India Today, Mukesh Bhatt said, “There was nothing wrong in what Mahesh Babu said. If Bollywood can’t pay the price for them, that’s a good thing. I wish him all the best. I respect the place where he comes from. Mahesh Babu has talent and there is a price for this talent which he has created over the years. He is a very successful actor. Whatever he wants from our Bollywood film industry, if our Bollywood does not live up to his expectations then there is nothing wrong in it. My best wishes are with him.”

‘What’s wrong with someone’s price tag?’
Mukesh Bhatt said, “What’s wrong with someone’s price tag? If I want to work for someone for free, that’s my choice. And if I am charging Rs 100 crore for something, that is also my choice. There is no fixed price in our industry. I have also worked with an actor who worked for half the price. Here the fees of director, actor, actress etc. depend on each other, due to this it keeps on changing. It is not a stable industry. Fees are decided by looking at many things in the film.

‘Why Mahesh Babu said this, it is incomprehensible’
Mukesh Bhatt said, “Sometimes all these things also depend on how your relationship is with a producer or director. Sometimes an actor agrees to work with a director for less fee or for free because he wanted to work with that successful director. I respect this sentiment.” Mukesh Bhatt further said, “To be honest, I really don’t know. Mahesh babu Why did he say that Bollywood cannot afford him? What was his reason behind saying this, I do not know. Well, it’s his choice as an actor.”

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