Priyanka Chopra’s mother told, why ‘desi girl’ keeps alive Indian culture and customs abroad

Priyanka Chopra is away from India since marriage. She has been living abroad for years with her husband Nick Jonas. Priyanka may have gone out of India after marriage, but the love of ‘Desi Girl’ for India has not diminished in her even on foreign soil. Not one or two such occasions came to the fore, when they kept Indian culture and customs alive on foreign soil. Recently her ‘desi girl’ i.e. Priyanka Chopra’s mother Madhu Chopra told why her daughter keeps Indian culture and customs alive abroad (why desi girl keeps Indian culture and rituals alive in abroad)?

Priyanka Chopra (Priyanka Chopra) But be it Indian festivals or Hindu rituals or rituals, ‘Desi Girl’ performs them very well even on foreign masters. Even in her in-laws’ house in America, she always wants to keep Indian culture and customs alive. Priyanka’s mother Madhu Chopra revealed why her daughter does this.

After coming to Malti’s house, Priyanka-Nick worshiped at home
Not only Priyanka Chopra, even after marriage, Nick Jonas has also been painted in the colors of India. During the worship and rituals, he is seen with his wife in a desi look, reciting and worshiping with full rules. Priyanka and Nick recently organized a puja at their Los Angeles home when their daughter Malti returned home after 100 days from the hospital. During a conversation with Hauterrfly, PC’s mother Madhu Chopra told that Priyanka does this because she does it to remove the ignorance towards India in western countries.

Priyanka wants to change the attitude of foreigners towards India
Madhu Chopra said that Priyanka wants to educate them and wants to tell that the attitude, thinking and information she has about India is wrong. They (foreigners) think that we have only maharajas, elephants and snake charmers. We have the best education, best IT and medical technology. Who will teach this? Our culture, our values, everything is so good. He further said that Priyanka is proud of her culture and customs and hence she tries to maintain it even there.

Age gap of daughter and son-in-law does not matter
Madhu also talked about her son-in-law Nick Jonas. 29-year-old Nick is 10 years younger than Priyanka. On this age difference between the two, he said, it doesn’t matter to me. Calling his son-in-law ‘sweet’, he said, ‘He is my son who keeps Priyanka happy.’

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