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Pramod Premi Yadav’s song created panic on Youtube! More than 50 million people watched this video

Bhojpuri cinema’s superstar singer and actor Pramod Premi Yadav always impresses the fans through his songs. The singing style of the actor is different from the rest and people like it a lot. These days she is busy with Goddess songs, because Shardiya Navratri is going to start from 26 September. However, here we are telling you about his song released a few months ago, which has garnered crores of views.

Actually, here we are talking about Pramod Premi Yadav’s ‘Class me jhakash badu’ which is rocking YouTube. More than one crore people watched this song every month and within 4 months it has got more than 5.1 crore views. In the video, the actor is seen romancing his girlfriend in front of school children. This song, which has collected more than 50 million views, has been sung by Premi along with Bhojpuri singer Shivani Singh. This song is being well-liked among the youth of the college. You can watch this latest Bhojpuri song ‘Class Mein Jhakkas Badu’ of Pramod Premi Yadav on his official YouTube channel Pramod Premi Entertainment. By releasing the video, the singer has expressed his heartfelt gratitude to his fans.

Recently, Bhojpuri song of lover ‘Chhod Di Bhatar Ta Rakhaba Ka’ (Chhod Di Bhatar Ta Rakhaba Ka) was released from Angle Music Official Channel. In this, he is seen with actress Mahima Singh who is already married and the actor plays her ex-boyfriend. Bhojpuri song ‘Chhod Di Bhatar Ta RakhabaS Ka’ is sung by Pramod Premi Yadav and is sung by singer Shivani Singh. The music of the song is given by Raj Ghazipuri.

Apart from this, when it comes to Pramod’s songs, he was last seen in ‘Kahiya Le Thoka Khai’, ‘Khali Bam Baithihe’. Along with this, if we talk about his upcoming films, then he is going to be seen in the film ‘Yaar Badal Na Jaana’. In the coming time, many new songs of Premi are going to be released and some of his film projects are also pending.

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