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Prakash Jha told the difference between Bollywood and Hollywood, said- ‘Indian actors do not know what acting is’

The debate between South V/s Bollywood was not over yet that filmmaker Prakash Jha, who won the National Award from films like ‘Gangajal’, ‘Mrityudand’, ‘Apharan’ and ‘Chakravyuh’, was about Bollywood stars. Made a big statement. Prakash Jha, who came into the discussion about the web series ‘Ashram 3’, recently told the difference between Bollywood and Hollywood and said that Indian actors do not know what acting is. .

Prakash Jha (Prakash Jha), Ajay Devgn (Ajay Devgn), Saif Ali Khan (Saif Ali Khan), Om Puri, Nana Patekar (Nana Patekar), Shabana Azmi, who have also tried their hands in acting along with the direction of films (Shabana Azmi), Madhuri Dixit, has worked with many veteran actors like Bobby Deol. But recently, during a conversation at Goafest 2022, Prakash Jha questioned the acting skills of Bollywood actors.

displeasure with bollywood actors
In the conversation, Prakash Jha said, ‘I hated the actors working here in India. Because they have no idea what acting is and what it is about. Keeping his point, he further said that till date no actor has asked me about the day of the shoot nor asked what is the timing of the shoot, what is the location. How will the action sequences be and many more.’

What is the difference between Bollywood and Hollywood?
He further explained the difference between Bollywood and Hollywood and said that this is the difference between Hollywood actors and Bollywood actors. The artists there attend workshops and keep practicing and improving their art.

Prakash Jha improved his skills by going to the workshop
Prakash Jha also spoke about attending acting workshops across the world in cities like London, Paris and New York to hone his craft. He said, ‘I used to go secretly and attend that workshop as a student. This is how I understood the language of an actor. I performed Shakespeare and other plays in the class, which gave me more confidence.

Prakash Jha is vocal about ideas
Let us tell you that Prakash Jha has always been very vocal about his views. There was a lot of controversy when he created his web series, ‘Ashram’, as a section of the audience felt that he was targeting a certain religion. But bypassing the controversies, he also decided to bring its second season, which proved to be a hit. Now its third season is also coming.

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