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Poonam Dubey’s Bhojpuri song ‘Zoorat’ is giving a knock in the heart, the audience looted more than 1 million love

Actress Poonam Dubey is one of the fitness freak heroines of Bhojpuri cinema. She is often in discussion due to her fitness and keeps sharing posts related to herself on social media too. She inspires fans for fitness and workouts. In such a situation, now his new music video (Poonam Dubey New Song) ‘Zarurat’ has been released. It is getting a great response from the audience. This is a romantic video song of the actress, which makes you feel the love between husband and wife.

The video of Poonam Dubey’s Bhojpuri song ‘Zarurat’ has been released from Music Wide’s YouTube channel. It is being seen in this that the actress is in the getup of a married woman and she is accompanied by actor Golu Raj, who is showing excellent chemistry with her. By watching this video of Poonam, you will feel the love between husband and wife. The lyrics of this song are directly knocking. The audience is very much liking this song of his. For this reason, its video has got more than one million views. The song has got more than five and a half thousand likes. His music video (Poonam Dubey video song) has been produced on a large scale. Its location is very beautiful. The romantic chemistry that should be between husband and wife, we are getting to see the exact same chemistry in this song. Along with this, the actress has also spread her beauty in the song.

If we talk about the making video of Poonam Dubey’s song ‘Zarurat’, then it has been sung by Golu Raj and Amrita Dixit in their best voices. There is a different magic in the voice of both the stars, so that this song is knocking directly in the heart. His voice is making the lyrics of the song even more lovely. Its lyrics are by Roshan Singh Vishwas. It has been filmed on Poonam Dubey and Golu Raj. The director is Ravi Pandit. Yes, this is the same Ravi Pandit, who has worked from acting to direction in amazing music videos from ‘Pudina’ with Pawan Singh and ‘Garaiya Machri’ with Neelam Giri. Neeraj Singh is the producer of ‘Zoorat’.

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