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Pawan Singh’s Bhojpuri Song ‘Zindagi’ released with lyrics, got more than 26 million views, watch

Bhojpuri superstar actor Pawan Singh is known for his wonderful voice. Even if a sad and romantic song comes in his voice, then it becomes a blast. There is so much sweetness in his voice that the lyrics of his songs knock directly in the heart. In such a situation, now his new music video ‘Zindagi’ has been released. Let us tell you that it has been released once before and now the video of this song has been released with lyrics. The video of this song is getting a lot of love from the audience.

The video of Bhojpuri Sad Song ‘Zindagi’ has been released from VYRL Bhojpuri’s YouTube channel. The video of the song has been released for the second time with lyrics. Earlier it was released four months ago in February, which has been viewed more than 26 million times since then till the time of writing the article, not only that it has got more than 5 and a half lakh likes. At the same time, if we talk about the video released with its lyrics, then it has been seen more than five thousand times in just a short time. You are getting to see the same romance and chemistry in the video of the song, which you got to see in the earlier video. The only difference is that the lyrics are also appearing in the video of this song, which you can mix together. If you do not remember the song, then seeing it, you can hum by mixing your voice with the singer’s voice.

If you have seen the previous video then you will love to watch it once again and even if you have not heard it, then after listening once you are going to listen to this song again and again. The song in Pawan Singh’s voice can be felt, the feeling for your love can be felt, which every heartfelt feels. This is a very good song.

If we talk about the song ‘Zindagi’, then its lyrics are by Pinku Baba and Renuka Pawar has sung this song with Pawan Singh. This song is very good in the voice of both the singers. Its music composer is Vinay Vinayak. The director is Deepesh Goyal. The video of this song has been filmed with Pawan on actress Srushti Tare. The choreographer is Amit Syal. The assistant directors are Ashish Khomera and Ankit Thapa. The stylist is Harsh Khullar. The line producer is Palm & Dome (Goa).

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