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Pawan Singh in God’s shelter between divorce from wife and a heated dispute with Khesari lal, VIDEO went viral

Bhojpuri Actor Pawan Singh is in discussion about his divorce from his second wife Jyoti Singh. Power Star has earned a big name and tremendous popularity in the film industry on the basis of his skills. His Hindi songs are also well-liked but the same name remains in controversies. There is a lot of turmoil in the personal life of Bhojpuri’s power star. Where his first wife committed suicide due to the actor’s extra-marital affair and now the second marriage has also broken up. Now it seems that Pawan has taken shelter of God for peace of mind. This thing is evident from one of his videos, not us.

shared video worshiping
Actually, recently Pawan Singh has shared a video on his Instagram in which he is seen worshiping God with incense sticks. In the background of the Instagram reel, his voice Karpoor Gouram Karunavataram Mantra is playing in the background and is seen doing Pawan Puja in the bathrobe. Anyway, when a person is in difficult times, then he goes to the shelter of God and there is no harm in it. This reel comment of the actor is being showered.

Power Star fan raises Khesari’s troubles amid divorce from wife
Problems are already going on in the actor’s personal life, while one of his fans has increased the problems of Khesari and his family who is threatening him. At the same time, Akshara Singh was also seen getting emotional remembering the past moments with Power Star. However, in the midst of the divorce of Power Star, he has also given a befitting reply to him by releasing a new song. In the midst of all these controversies, there was more despair in the life of ‘Lollipop Lagelu’ fame singer when Akshara Singh’s song ‘Ab Kiska Ghar Jalaoge’ has been released.

Akshara Singh also targeted Singh by singing
The actress has directly targeted Pawan Singh, as he was also in a relationship with Power Star. Discussions of their affair were exposed when Pawan Singh’s first wife had committed suicide. Later, when the actress came to know in Pawan’s life that she was going to marry someone, she ended the relationship with him. After this Akshara started receiving threatening messages-calls and an attempt was made to ban the release of her songs as well. Now Akshara has hit the spot and has given a befitting reply to Power Star.

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