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Patralekha will become the surrogate mother of Virat and Sai’s child! Fans were furious over the show’s twist, raised the slogan of Boycott

These days in the serial ‘Gum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Meiin’, the audience is getting to see that track, which they were waiting for a long time. Fans finally saw the love between Sai and Virat being expressed and that too clearly. Not only this, this pair is also getting married once again in the serial. The fans of Sai and Virat i.e. ‘Sairat’ are very happy with this love, while a news has created panic among the fans. In fact, reports have come out in the media that a tremendous twist is going to come in the serial and the news of this twist has filled the fans of ‘Sairat’ with anger.

India Forum has reported that Patralekha is going to become a surrogate mother of Sai and Virat’s child in the serial. Actually it will be shown because due to some medical condition Sai herself will not be able to become a mother. In such a situation, Sai and Virat will ask Patralekha to become a surrogate mother. Now there is not much confirmation about whether this is going to happen in reality or not, but this news has made the fans very angry.

This is the reason why the ‘boycott surrogacy track’ remains the top trend on Twitter. The fans of ‘Sairat’ are persuading the makers against showing such a track. Many people have even written that such a track is being shown in the serial to maintain the ‘real couple’ i.e. Neil Bhatt and Aishwarya Sharma.

Let us tell you that in the story of this serial, Virat first falls in love with Pakhi i.e. Patralekha, but later Pakhi gets married to Virat’s elder brother Samrat and Sai becomes Virat’s wife. But now Virat has also started falling in love with Sai and finally Sai and Virat have been shown together in the serial. During the shooting of this serial, Neil Bhatt, who played the role of Virat, had actually fallen in love with his sister-in-law Pakhi i.e. Aishwarya and recently the pair got married to each other.

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