‘Nude photos tampered with on social media’, claims Ranveer Singh in front of police!

Mumbai. Ranveer Singh is in constant news about the nude photoshoot case. Now a new twist has come in the matter. According to the actor, one of the seven pictures shared by him on social media was not a part of his post. Someone has morphed one of his photos and the photo has been tampered with. The way he is shown in the photo, it was not shot like that.

It is worth noting that Ranveer Singh has also provided 7 photos of the photoshoot done for the magazine, while recording his statement to the police, which he categorically denied about a photo in which his private parts were visible. According to the actor, this photo was not a part of the photoshoot. The picture has been completely tampered with.

In a statement to the police, Ranveer Singh claimed that the particular picture was not part of the seven photographs uploaded by him on his Instagram account. In her statement, she said, “One of the photographs shared on social media, claimed to be a part of Ranveer Singh’s ‘nude photoshoot’ for New York-based Paper magazine, in which his private parts were purportedly They were visible, they were morphed i.e. they have been tampered with and they are not. Ranveer has given this important information to the Mumbai Police in his statement recorded on 29 August.

It is worth mentioning that through the same picture which Ranveer Singh has described as morphed, Mumbai Police had registered an FIR against Ranveer Singh on charges of obscenity on July 26. Now according to Ranveer Singh’s statement to the police, he was wearing underwear during the photoshoot.

Photos sent to Forensic Science Laboratory
According to sources, after Ranveer’s statement, the police has now sent this picture to the Forensic Science Laboratory to confirm it. Where it can be known whether the picture has been tampered with or not. If it turns out that the picture has been tampered with, then Ranveer Singh is most likely to get a clean chit, as the FIR was registered on the ground that his private parts were visible in a photograph.

According to sources, the pictures uploaded by Ranveer Singh on his Instagram account do not come under the definition of obscenity, as his private parts are not visible in those pictures.

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