Not only Bollywood, the tension of flop is spreading fear in South’s films too.

Telugu Producers Council He announced in a press conference in the last days of July that he was going to stop the shooting of his films. Since the films are not running, the box office earnings are falling. The cost of making the film has increased, so the shooting will not take place. After this, the shooting of Telugu films remained closed for the entire month of August. However, a month later the shooting started again from 1st September. It was a shocking announcement. But after a few months, a different but another important announcement came from the South Indian cinema industry. This time Tamil film producers came out and said that they want the film to be reviewed after three days of its release. It was argued that due to review before release, the films could not play. People make wrong assumptions about movies. If you look inside these statements or announcements, it will be clear that the fear of films flopping is troubling not only Bollywood but also South’s cinema.

Actually, the Tamil Film Producers Council has proposed a review after the release of the film, behind it. The makers argue that the media or social media create a ‘thought-out perception’ about the film as soon as it is released. This film is useless, the story is weak, it is a remake of a foreign film or anything else. The audience is aware of these assumptions and the film’s earnings are affected. Many films bear the brunt of this, they flop. Filmmakers want to save their films from this ‘conception’ and send them for review after release. Not only this, the council also said that the actors of the films which are about to be released should not give interviews to the media. Because the media distorts the conversation of artists and spreads it by making fake news. This also affects the performance of the films. How much the films are not playing and how serious the subject is, it is shown by another request of the Producers Council. The council has urged theater owners not to allow YouTubers seeking public reviews of films like ‘first-day, first-show’, to enter cinema halls or multiplexes. The reviews of the audience who came out after watching the film can also harm.

Fear of Flop from Mumbai to Chennai

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FIRST PUBLISHED : September 19, 2022, 21:35 IST

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