Not only Annu Kapoor, there has been a lot of loot with Hansal Mehta too – ‘India is defamed just like this’

Recently Annu Kapoor had told everyone about the robbery in France. Now filmmaker Hansal Mehta has also shared the incident of being robbed in France. Annu shared the video and told that his valuables were robbed during his Europe trip. Reacting to the same video, Hansal told about his experience and said that he had also faced a similar situation as his cash-cards were all stolen and there was no money to go to his hotel. He also had two small daughters with him.

Hansal Mehta shared his story on Twitter on Friday morning. He wrote that ‘I saw a video of Annu Kapoor sir in which he is telling that his valuables were looted in France. Something similar is my experience too. My purse was stolen and my cash at the Louvre Museum. Debit, credit cards were all gone.

Hansal got upset with 2 young daughters
Hansal Mehta further writes that ‘I also had two younger daughters with me, in such a nervous situation called my wife to come and take us because we did not have money to go to the hotel. Due to this theft, we got so upset that the rest of my tricks and family vacation got ruined. Cards have been blocked.

Hansel also cautioned those going to France
Hansal Mehta further said that ‘completely useless for the thief’. There was hardly any cash in the purse. Moral of the story is that when going to France, beware of this kind of loot. India is defamed for no reason.

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Annu Kapoor narrated the pain of Europe trip
Two days ago Annu Kapoor shared a video from France. Told in the video that ‘I am on a Europe trip, but the sad thing is that my belongings have been stolen here. My Prada bag has been stolen, with lots of franc cash and euros in it. I also had my iPad, diary, credit card. Everything was stolen, so whenever you go to France, beware of pickpockets.

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Hansal Mehta is a well known filmmaker.
Hansal Mehta married his partner Safina Hussain only last month. They have two daughters Kimaya and Rehana. Hansal directed the film Chhalaang in the year 2020. Apart from this, he has also directed many films and web series.

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