Nora Fatehi had broken contact with Sukesh Chandrashekhar, but Jacqueline Fernandez continued to receive gifts from the megathug

Bollywood Actress Nora Fatehi and Jacqueline Fernandez have been embroiled in controversies ever since they came in contact with thug Sukesh Chandrasekhar. On Thursday, the Economic Offenses Wing of Delhi Police questioned Nora in connection with Sukesh and his extortion of Rs 200 crore. Nora got her statement recorded before the crime branch. This is the second time in a month that Nora has been questioned. Special CP (Crime) of Delhi Police Ravindra Singh Yadav said that Nora Fatehi, Mehboob and Pinka Irani were interrogated by sitting together.

Ravindra Singh Yadav said, “We are satisfied after the statement of the three, that a car worth 65 lakhs was gifted to Mehboob… It was further sold by Mehboob, this information is also in the notice of Directorate of Reflection (ED). Nora said in her statement that she had taken a gift from Sukesh once and when she felt that it was getting too much, she cut off contact with the thug Sukesh.

Nora Fatehi said in her statement, “I broke up because he was trying to force a relationship.” The police said that Nora was not saying that they had come to know that something was wrong. The rest will come out in the investigation. We also asked why the car was not returned, Nora told that they did not ask and we did not. Relatives were using

Ravindra Singh Yadav said, “Nora and Jacqueline’s cases are different, Nora got upset and broke contact with Sukesh but Jacqueline continued to receive gifts.”

Bike recovery from Jacqueline Fernandez’s manager

In the investigation, Jacqueline Fernandez’s manager Prashant told that he was given this bike without asking, the purpose of Sukesh was to make Jacqueline befriend. Prashant told that I did not step forward and I never used this bike. He wanted to reach Jacqueline through me. The police said that we had asked for this bike and we have recovered it.

expose the truth

Ravindra Singh Yadav said, “The aim of an officer is that the truth comes out and the investigation is going well so far. On the basis of this investigation of ours, keeping in mind our investigation from the court also, big crimes should be punished.

More inquiries will be made if needed

Ravindra Singh Yadav said, “One of the motives is that you are cheating so many people by staying inside the jail, then one of the motives is that we should put a good case before the court, so that in future no one will be arrested on such a large scale. But could not cheat. We will analyze the investigation which is going on now and we will call him for questioning as and when required.”

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