Noor Jehan Birth Anniversary: ​​Noor Jahan was crazy about the nightingale of Hindi cinema, friendship could not stop even the border

Noor Jehan Birth Anniversary: Not only the magic of the voice of Noor Jehan, who was a famous singer of Hindustan and Pakistan, but also used to make people crazy with beauty. Known to be a very bold singer of her era, Noor Jahan was born on 21 September 1926. His real name was Allah Rakha Vasai. Noor Jahan, who spread her magical voice for almost 7 decades, may have gone to Pakistan after partition but could not separate her heart from India here. India’s vocal nightingale Lata Mangeshkar was not only a fan of her singing, but the friendship of both was also tremendous.

Singer Noor Jahan, who is considered to be a wonderful confluence of melodious voice and beauty, was awarded the title of Mallika-e-Tarannum by the Pakistani government. There is a whole long and wide family full of children and grandchildren of Nur Jahan, who has arranged two marriages. Lata used to get tough competition from Noor Jahan, who called India’s Swar Kokila as Latto and she always encouraged Lata to sing better.

Noor Jahan’s love for Hindi cinema has not diminished.

When Lata Mangeshkar started singing in films, she was very much influenced by Noor Jahan. Noor Jahan also appreciated Lata’s singing as well as helped her move forward. Some people had a special place in Lada Di’s life, Nur Jahan being one of them. Many homes and hearts were destroyed in the India-Pakistan partition. During this time, the friendship of Lata-Noor Jahan was also lost due to partition. The country got independence but Nur Jahan had to leave his work land Mumbai and go to Pakistan, but their friendship did not need any boundaries.

C Ramchandra wanted to lose duet

According to media reports, ‘In 1951, famous composer C Ramchandra reached Attari with Lata Di for Lata ji and Noorjahan’s Duet Song. But a problem came in front of him that he did not have visa-passport, so he was stopped at the border itself. Then Lata was talked to Nur Jahan through C. Ramchandra. But both wanted to meet. Then it was decided that wherever Noor Jahan should come on the border.

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Noor Jahan and Lata Mangeshkar cried on the border of the country

C Ramachandra has written in his biography that ‘Lata Mangeshkar and Noor Jahan reached the border to meet each other. Both of them became so emotional on seeing each other that they hugged and cried bitterly. The witnesses of this love of Lata-Nur Jahan were the people present there as well as Nur Jahan’s husband. Noor Jahan had great friendship with not only Lata but many actors including Dharmendra in Hindi cinema. Many types of tales are heard about Nur Jahan. Singer, who spread the magic of her singing for a long time, said goodbye to the world on 23 December 2000.

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