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Nikki Tamboli became emotional on brother’s death anniversary, said- ‘Family does not emerge from the grief of losing loved ones’

Model and actress Nikki Tamboli made headlines with Bigg Boss 14. After the show, he was seen in many music videos and Khatron Ke Khiladi 11. For Internet sensation Nikki Tamboli, the year 2021 has gone by giving so many bitter memories, which she will hardly ever be able to forget. In 2021, Nikki’s brother, Jatin Tamboli died due to Corona (COVID-19), on the brother’s first death anniversary (Nikki Tamboli brother 1st Death Anniversary), Nikki herself again became emotional and expressed her heart. Couldn’t stop myself.

Nikki Tamboli is very active on social media. Remembering younger brother Jatin, he shared a video and expressed his pain by writing an emotional post.

What’s in a Throwback Video?
In the video shared by Nikki Tamboli, her brother is seen walking in the balcony. Celebs are getting emotional along with fans after reading this post of Nikki and everyone is advising them to have courage.

‘A year later the pain is still the same’
In her long note, Nikki expressed her pain. He wrote- ‘Last year was the longest, difficult and painful for me, 365 days because you were not with me. The afterlife be kind to you. I miss you very much little brother. It has been 1 year since you left this world, but there is still sadness in my heart that you are no more. A year doesn’t seem like a long time, but without you it felt like an eternity. It is said that time is considered a healer but even after a year it is as painful as the first day.

‘The pain will always be with the family’
Nikki did not stop here, she further wrote – ‘I will do anything to move on from this pain, but I will always know that I will not be able to hug you anymore. Brother, you have taught me to be strong, but now I am disappointing you. I can never be strong enough to admit this. A family can never forget the grief of losing their family members. It does not matter how long ago or at what age a person leaves this world. A family always bears this pain. Goodbye my brother.

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