Nick Jonas celebrating 30th birthday with wife Priyanka Chopra and daughter, shared the video and told the plan


Singer Nick Jonas is celebrating his 30th birthday today i.e. on 16 September.
Video shared with wife Priyanka Chopra, going out in private jet.

Singer Nick Jonas Birthday. Singer Nick Jonas is celebrating his 30th birthday today i.e. on 16 September. Nick, who is always in fun, is excited about his birthday. For the birthday celebration, he has flown in his private jet with wife Priyanka Chopra and daughter. He gave a glimpse of this by sharing a video on Instagram. Along with the video he wrote, ‘Hair we go…30’.

A private jet is seen standing in the video that Nick has shared. They walk towards it and have a look inside the jet. Where Priyanka Chopra is seen talking on the phone. At the same time, a small decoration is also seen in the jet regarding Nick’s birthday. In view of this, Nick is seen giving a funny expression in surprise.

Time for personal life…

Priyanka and Nick often go somewhere to celebrate their special day. Although both are busy but on special days they like to be with each other. This is the reason that special planning has also been done for Nick’s birthday and both have gone out to spend quality time with their daughter. Let us tell you that after dating for a long time, Priyanka and Nick got married in Jodhpur in 2018. In January this year, a daughter has also come to his house.

Priyanka Chopra keeps sharing photos with her daughter on Instagram. A few days ago, he shared a video with his daughter, in which his daughter was seen dancing on ‘Sasural Genda Phool’. With which Priyanka gave the caption that something like this happens on our Saturday morning.

At present, fans are waiting for more photos of the birthday from the social accounts of Nick and Priyanka.

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