Neha Kakkar’s fans got angry on this matter, trolled fiercely, said – ‘should be jailed for 8 years’

Bollywood singer Neha Kakkar continues to be a topic of discussion among fans. Also, Neha often dominates social media about her songs.

But this time there is tremendous anger among the fans regarding Neha Kakkar’s song. Not only this, a fan got angry with Neha Kakkar’s song and also demanded that she be imprisoned for 8 years.

this is the whole matter
People still like the song ‘Maine Payal Hai Chhankai’ very popular of the 90s. Sung by pop singer Falguni Pathak, this song dissolves honey in people’s ears. This remake song is sung by Neha Kakkar. This song has been released on 19th September. Many fans got furious as soon as this song was released. On social media, people reprimanded Neha Kakkar for spoiling the songs by remaking them. Fans got angry with Neha about the song. Along with this, he has also been accused of ruining the songs.

Demand was also made for 8 years of imprisonment
Fans have fiercely criticized Neha’s song on social media. One user wrote that ‘I am not against the remake of songs. But Neha’s voice only tore the curtains of her ears. At the same time, another user wrote, ‘Neha Kakkar should be imprisoned for 8 years, because the memory of the most beautiful songs of childhood has been spoiled’.

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Fans have fiercely criticized Neha’s song on social media.

love romantic hai song
The name of this song is O Sajna. Many words have also been given to it. Tanishk Bagchi has given music in this song. Neha has given voice in this song. This song has been filmed in a romantic love story. In this song, Priyank Sharma is seen trapped between Neha Kakkar and Dhanshree Verma. This song has been filmed as a beautiful love story.

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