Neena Gupta was surprised to get more fees for the new project, said to the manager- ‘Why did you ask for so much?’

Neena Gupta (Neena Gupta) had to take to social media to ask for work a few years back, now she has revealed that she is at a stage in her career where she is being paid handsomely for playing different roles. Huh. Neena even said that she was shocked to know that she was given a huge amount for a latest project. They feel that this is too much.

Nina’s web series ‘Panchayat’ was recently released on Amazon Prime Video. The actress said during a conversation with Bollywood Hungama that her career was back on track after doing ‘Badhaai Ho’ (2018). He said that earlier he used to get the roles of only women of cities, but after ‘Badhaai Ho’ he started getting different opportunities. Please tell that in Neena Gupta’s ‘Badhaai Do’, she played the role of a woman who becomes pregnant at the age of 52.

When Neena was asked about her fees, she said, ‘I got a very good fee offer. Recently, when I asked my manager how much money I was getting, my reaction to what I was told was- ‘No man, this is too much, why ask for so much’. I am very happy.’

Neena Gupta likes to do different types of roles
When Neena Gupta was asked how she feels now after being recognized as a ‘city girl’ for a long time, she said, “An actor always wants to do new roles, one plays the same role every time.” I don’t like it, but we have to choose a role from what is being offered.

Luck changed with the film ‘Badhaai Ho’
She further says, ‘At this time I am in a situation where I am getting different types of roles. The media created an image of me as a city girl, because I wear shorts and skirts, so I got roles like that, but ‘Badhaai Ho’ changed everything. People suddenly realized that I can do such roles too.

Will be seen with Amitabh Bachchan in ‘Goodbye’
Neena further reveals interestingly, ‘For the first time in my life, I have the choice to say no to anything. I didn’t have a chance to say no earlier. I am very happy that I am being offered various roles at this age. Neena is currently shooting for Vikas Bahl’s ‘Goodbye’, which stars Amitabh Bachchan and Rashmika Mandanna.

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