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Neelam giri fought with Nirahua’s brother at the Ghat of Banaras, said- ‘Who am you I am…’

Bhojpuri actress Neelam Giri is very active on social media and she keeps sharing posts related to herself with fans. These days actress Dinesh Lal Yadav is shooting for the upcoming film ‘Love Story of Ghazipur’ with Pravesh Lal Yadav, brother of Nirahua. Despite being busy in it, she definitely takes it out during Instagram reel videos. In such a situation, now the actor has shared a reel video with him from his Insta account, which is becoming very viral.

Pravesh Lal Yadav has shared the reel video with Neelam Giri (Pravesh lal yadav-Neelam giri Songs). Along with sharing this, he wrote, ‘Love Story of Ghazipur’ in the morning of Benaras. Their video is becoming fiercely viral on social media. Fans are very fond of it. One user wrote, ‘I like you very much’. Another wrote, ‘Beautiful as always’. The third wrote, ‘It’s a beautiful morning’. The fourth wrote, ‘There was never an actress like you in the entire Bhojpuri society and there will never be anyone like you. Along with this, another user advised Neelam Giri (neelam giri viral video) that ‘change partner, it will be better’. Similarly, people are commenting fiercely on the reel videos of actors and actresses. Neelam’s music videos are not coming for a few days now due to the busy shooting of films. Before this, she has rocked many of her music videos. Fans are crazy about his dance, expressions and style.

Now if we talk about the video of Neelam Giri going viral with Pravesh lal yadav viral song, then both the actors are present at a ghat in Banaras along with Anuradha Paudwal. ) and are lipsyncing to Udit Narayan’s song ‘Pardesiya’. The actress is speaking her line that ‘Pardesiya bus tu itna tell teri kaun hoon main… teri kaun hoon main’. At the same time, the actor is lipsyncing on his line and saying, ‘I told Rab my life, you know me, you are my life’. During this, there is a great chemistry to be seen between both the actors. It does not seem that both of them are doing in the reel, but seeing the chemistry, it is felt that both of them have real chemistry. This is becoming very viral on social media. It has got more than 22 thousand likes.

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