Nawazuddin Siddiqui has a deep connection with the controversy, know the top 10 controversies related to him

Nawazuddin Siddiqui, who has made his mark in the industry on the basis of his strong acting, has won the Cannes Film Festival for the ninth time this year.Cannes Film Festival) have been part of. With this, one of his films has reached the ‘Sydney Film Festival’. Nawazuddin’s American-Bangladeshi film ‘No Land’s Man’ has been selected for the Sydney Film Festival. The fans of Nawazuddin Siddiqui are very happy with this news. Nawazuddin is also one of those actors who have been surrounded by controversies. Let’s know the top 10 controversies related to Nawazuddin so far-

1- Accused of spying on wife
A few years back, Nawazuddin Siddiqui was accused of spying on his wife Aaliya in connection with the call detail record scam. While he had dismissed the allegations, Alia also came out in his support.

2- assault with younger brother’s wife
Nawazuddin Siddiqui has also been accused of beating his younger brother Minajuddin’s wife Afreen for dowry. When the controversy increased a lot, Nawaz had clarified that he had never asked for dowry.

3- Parking dispute
Nawaz also had a dispute with a neighbor woman regarding parking. According to media reports, Nawaz used to park his car in the parking given for the two wheeler, due to which he had a fight with a neighbor woman. It is said that Nawaz had also raised his hand on that girl.

4- Nawaz’s book embroiled in controversies
Nawazuddin’s book ‘An Ordinary Life’An Ordinary Life)’ was in a lot of controversies, in which Nawaz had written many controversial things about his relationship with TV actress Sunita Rajwar, after which he had to face a defamation case. Sunita had demanded a legal notice to Nawaz as well as an apology and a compensation of Rs 2 crore.

5- This was said about Miss India Niharika Singh
Nawaz had also discussed about his relationship with former Miss India Niharika Singh in his book ‘An Ordinary Life’. In this book, Nawaz had exaggerated some personal things without Niharika’s permission, about which Niharika had said that Nawaz is defaming a woman to sell his book.

6- ‘One Night Stand’ with the waitress
Nawaz had mentioned an anecdote from New York in his book ‘An Ordinary Life’, in which he told that a waitress in New York had recognized him, after which there was a lot of conversation between the two and Nawaz had ‘one night’ with him. Stand’.

7- Ramlila controversy
in the year 2016 Nawazuddin Siddiqui In Ramlila, the demon was going to play the role of Marich, for which he had also rehearsed a lot. But the political party Shiv Sena did not even like his playing the role of a demon, after which Nawaz had to withdraw his name from Ramlila.

8- Rishi Kapoor was furious at Nawaz
In the year 2014, Nawaz had also landed in controversy over one of his statements, when he said that in earlier films, romance was shown by walking around trees. Rishi Kapoor was very angry with his statement, after which Nawaz had to apologize. Nawaz had said that whatever he said was his own point of view.

9 – Statement about Irrfan Khan
Once Nawazuddin was asked about the four Khans of Bollywood, Nawaz said, “I think the fourth Khan we will talk about will be Saif Ali Khan. I have no relation with Irrfan. I have my own way of acting and theirs is different. Let us tell you that Nawaz and Irfan have worked together in Lunchbox.

10- Chitrangada Singh and Nawaz
Actress Chitrangada Singh withdrew her name from the film ‘Babumoshai Bandookbaaz’ because Nawaz was with her in this film. Chitrangada Singh had said that she would never want to do intimate scenes with Nawaz. He left the film midway during the shooting.

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