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Navratri Special Song: Pramod Premi Yadav’s new Bhojpuri goddess song ‘Kawana Rahe Gailu Ae Mai Song’ released, VIDEO

Kavana Rahe Gailu A Mai | #Pramod Premi Yadav’s Pachra Devi Song | Kawana Rahe Gailu Ae Mai | Bhakti Song: Bhojpuri star Pramod Premi Yadav is known for his strong singing and superb acting. In the month of Sawan, he was absorbed in devotion and at that time more than a dozen of his Bolbum songs were released. Since now the festival of Shardiya Navratri is about to start and now they are releasing back to back in Devigeet. Recently Pramod Premi’s new song ‘Kavana Rahe Gailu Ae Mai’ has been released and the audience is giving great response to it. In the video, lovers are seen performing with Bhojpuri actress Mahima Singh.

Pramodi Premi’s ‘Kavana Rahe Gailu Ae Mai Song’ Devi song has been released by Web Music on 21 September 2022 i.e. this morning, which has been seen by more than 80 thousand people. The lead star of the song is lover and he has sung it in his melodious voice while Mahima Singh is its lead actress. Bhojpuri audience is very fond of the song and this song is showing the celebration of Navratri. Lyrics of Devi Geet Kawana Rahe Gailu Ae Mai is written by Sonu Sudharkar and music is given by Arya Sharma while video director is Honey Pandey.

Before ‘Kawana Rahe Gailu Ae Mai’, Pramod Premi Yadav New Song was released in Premi ka Devi song ‘Angana Aitu Ae Mai’. In this too, he is seen donning red red kurta pajama and yellow safa in the traditional getup. At the same time, her co-star is also wearing a red color sari and both the stars are seen swinging in devotion to mother Ambe. In between the songs, lovers are also seen dancing with the artists. This goddess song of lover has been released on Vedshakti Entertainment’s YouTube channel. Lyrics of the song have been written by Manish Rohtasi and music is given by Arya Sharma. The video is being liked a lot and it reflects our culture.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : September 21, 2022, 13:41 IST

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