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Navratri Song: Samar Singh and Chandni Singh’s Jagrata Devi song ‘Babua Ke Dhalihin Kora Balam’ released, watch VIDEO

#Samar Singh | Babua’s Dhalihin Kora Balam | #Shilpi Raj | Babua Ke Dhalihin Kora Balam | #Bhojpuri Song: Bhojpuri’s desi star Samar Singh (Samar Singh Devi geet) is busy shooting Bhojpuri films one after the other these days, while he is bringing more than one song and goddess song for his listeners and crores of fans, which is quite popular. He is being liked and four moons are also being seen in his stardom. In such a situation, the Jagrata Devi song ‘Babua Ke Dhalihin Kora Balam’ has been released on the official YouTube channel of Saregama Hum Bhojpuri.

In its video, Samar Singh and Chandni Singh are seen as husband and wife in the huge pandal of the mother and there is a jagrata. In this, Chandni Singh insists on dancing and starts dancing by giving the little boy taken in Quora to Samar Singh and starts convincing Samar to stop him from dancing. This song is really very entertaining, which is very nice to watch and listen to. It is shown in the filming of this song that a huge idol of Durga Mata has been installed in the grand pandal, in front of which many devotees of Mata ji are dancing. In such a situation, the chemistry of Samar Singh and Chandni Singh is being made on sight and despite Samar Singh’s explanation, she is fascinated by dancing with Chandni by playing the magic of her seductive style.

Jagrata Devi song ‘Babua Ke Dhalihin Kora Balam’ is sung by Samar Singh in melodious voice and is sung by singer Shilpi Raj. The lyrics of the song are – ‘Chal Ghare Mai Ke Darshan Kaike, Jhoye Baithal Badu AK Zid Dhike… Baate Rauwa Se Etne Nihora Balam, Babua Ke Dhalihin Kora Balam Jagrata Me Naache Di Thoda Balam…’ Its lyricist is Yadav Raj, music composer is Priyanshu Singh. The video director is Ashish Satyarthi, DOP is Prince Singh Janu and Naveen Verma, editor is Pappu Verma. It is worth noting that recently, Samar Singh and Chandni Singh have completed the shooting of Bhojpuri film Prem Tapasya, whose producer-director has made a great film. The entire shooting of this film has been done in different areas of Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh.

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