Nandita Das shared photos with Kapil Sharma and said ‘Sorry…’, know what is the matter?


In ‘Zwigato’, Kapil Sharma plays the role of a food delivery boy.
The film festival, which started on September 8, will continue till September 18.

TIFF 2022. Nandita Das is not only a great actress but also a good director. She tries to show a different kind of cinema through her films. These days she is attending the 47th Toronto Film Festival, where she has gone with her team for the screening of her film ‘Zwigato’. Recently, during the screening of this film, he shared some photos, in which lead actor Kapil Sharma is seen. With these photos, he wrote, ‘Sorry, that’s all I have from the screening.’

Kapil Sharma is seen in the photo with Nandita Das. Apart from this, well-known director Deepa Mehta is also with him. Sharing these photos, Nandita wrote, ‘This is what I have at the moment. Hope those who were during the screening will share more pictures. On your big day, you only think that the film should connect with the audience. It seems that this is what happened. I don’t want anything more than this. Thank you for your well wishes as they worked.’

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Nandita Das shared some photos with Kapil Sharma. (Photo Credits: Facebook@Nandita Das)

middle family story
Let us tell you that in ‘Zwigato’, Kapil Sharma is in the role of a food delivery boy. In this, Shahana Goswami is in the role of his wife. Bhuvneshwar is shown in the story of the film and it focuses on the period of corono epidemic. Nandita has tried to show the struggle of the middle family in this film in a light-hearted manner.

The festival will run till September 18
Let us tell you that this is the 47th film festival to be held in the city of Toronto, Canada. The film festival, which started on September 8, will continue till September 18. For the last two years, this festival could not take place due to Corona. This time due to the Russo-Ukraine war, Russian government-backed films and organizations have not been allowed to participate in the event.

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