Mothers Day: Malaika Arora created such a balance between motherhood and professional life, know interesting anecdote

Malaika Arora On the occasion of Mother’s Day, she has shared a special video on her Instagram account. In this video, he has talked about the birth of son Arhaan and the problems coming from motherhood to his professional life. This video of Malaika is made up of many of her pictures. This video includes pictures of mother-son bonding from baby Arhaan and young Malaika till they grow up. These pictures are very cute and cute. When Malaika became a mother, she was 28 years old. While sharing this video, he has told his feelings and problems of that time.

Malaika Arora wrote, “When I was pregnant, this is what people said, ‘This will end your career.’ At that time, after marriage, hardly anyone would see you as an actress on screen. But growing up as a woman who advocates for women’s independence, I knew motherhood meant playing just one more character – the role of a mother.”

Malaika Arora further wrote, “I did shuttle shows and rehearsals during my pregnancy. And when Arhaan was born, I had promised him the world. I promised myself too – I would not lose my identity in the process of being a mother. Since then, I have lived up to both the promises. After 2 months of delivery, I performed at an award show.”

Malaika Arora further wrote, “I was proud of myself because I was back at home on time to make Arhaan lie on the bed. Knowing that I was confused between motherhood and work empowered me. Actually, I had said yes to Karan for ‘Dhamal’ song from ‘Kaal’ a year after delivery! But I knew the gilt of a ‘working mother’. So, I spent most of my time with Arhaan.”

Malaika Arora further wrote, “Today Arhaan is my dearest friend. Morning singing routine has now turned into Sunday cooking routine. And now that he’s studying, we show each other DM-ing recipes. I miss her. But it’s a good thing that I kept my second promise-

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