Mohit Chadha’s ‘Flight’ completes 1 year, shares memories related to country’s first aerial action film

Bharat The first aerial action film ‘Flight’ has completed one year. The film was released on 2 April last year. Due to the corona virus epidemic, it could not be released in cinemas. After the decision of the makers, the film was launched on Amazon Prime Video. The film was highly appreciated. The film critics praised it a lot. The film remains in the trending list of Amazon Prime Video till now.

The makers wanted to make a live-action thriller entertainer. That’s why the makers used VFX in the film. The film’s actor and producer Mohit Chadda shared that initially the idea was based on the story of a man getting stuck in an elevator. The story went through a lot of twists and turns and in the end – one man on a plane all alone and an empty cockpit idea.

Mohit Chadha said that the production house has its own VFX team which has made this film with utmost hard work and honesty. The entire film was shot in a studio with an in-house team bringing creativity and vision to the screen. And finally the film turned out to be a spine-chilling thriller.

India’s first aerial action film

In Hollywood films, VFX is used a lot for Aerial Action Movie Flight, but it was used for the first time in the Indian film industry. In the case of action films, a surprising change has been seen in Indian cinema. With mind blowing action and an equally gripping storyline, the film paves the way for a better action film style in Bollywood.

Cast of the movie ‘Flight’

Mohit Chadha said that ‘Flight’ is a film of the same category. With great action and interesting storyline, ‘Flight’ is proving its mettle. The film has been directed by Sooraj Joshi. Critics have also praised his direction. The film also stars Shibani Bedi, Pawan Malhotra, Zakir Hussain and Vivek Vaswani.

Makers celebrated the first anniversary

The makers recently celebrated the first anniversary of the film’s release. Apart from Amazon Prime Video, the film is being streamed on Apple TV. Veteran celebs like Anupam Kher, Farah Khan, Hansal Mehta and Roshan Abbas appreciated and supported ‘Flight’.

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