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Mishan Impossible Review: This one Mission Impossible is a bit different, definitely watch it

Movies on children’s stories are now less made. The presence of big stars guarantees the film to become a hit, assuming that since the last few years, a film with a good story about children has not been seen. Writer-director Swaroop Raj has appeared with his second film ‘Mission Impossible’ which released on Netflix on 29 April. The specialty of this film is that the main actors of the film are children, but at any point of time this film does not look like only children can watch it. The film is a comedy but there are also bits of thriller and the film also features Taapsee Pannu in a small and important role who has tried to show perhaps by acting in such a film that any film with a good story, to do that are ready. The movie is funny. Once in a while something like this keeps happening on the screen that you cannot take your eyes off the film. Both the making and watching of such films are important in today’s date. How to make a clean and entertaining film without vulgarity can be seen in Mission Impossible.

The story is about three children of a village who are a little troubled by the life of poverty and deprivation, so they keep thinking about how to earn money throughout the day. One of the three wants to go into ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’ on the basis of his general knowledge. The second one wants to become a film director like Ram Gopal Varma and the third one wants to see himself becoming a fast bowler in the cricket team. They keep trying to earn money in a sporadic way but one day they come to know about Dawood Ibrahim. Unaware of their abilities and inspired by films, the trio set out for Mumbai to capture Dawood and hand him over to the police and get a reward of 50 lakhs. The story takes a turn and they accidentally reach Bangalore instead of Mumbai where they end up losing their money at the hands of petty thieves to catch Dawood. When I miss home, suddenly one of them is kidnapped from the street. On the other hand Taapsee Pannu is a journalist who wants to bust the gang of kidnapping children and selling them to sheikhs. The remaining two children reach the place where their friend is with the help of Taapsee. With the help of their cunning and the police, they pass the video of the children’s purchases to the police, who come on the last occasion and kill them and save the children.

The strength of the film is these three children who are from small villages but are influenced by films and television. This is also the situation. After watching movies, many types of dreams and plans keep taking birth in the minds of children. His confidence is worth seeing. To understand how long it will take to go to Mumbai, they measure the distance in centimeters on the map. To understand the cost of living in the lodge, he sends a man to the lodge by telling the wrong rate and after listening to the conversation between the lodge manager and the customer, he guesses how much the rent will be. To get on the bus, they catch a bus from a dhaba outside the city so that no one can see them. By mistake, when he reaches Bangalore instead of Mumbai, the most educated child of the three says that the real name of Mumbai is Bangalore. In order to learn Hindi from a teacher in a few hours, he talks so well that even the teacher is ready to teach him Hindi.

The story is written by director Sawaroop Raj whose debut film Agent Sai Srinivas Atreya was a classic comedy film which satirized the story of an ordinary man’s plan to become a spy. This film is weak in comparison. Entertaining but there are many gaps in the script. The three kids go by car to get an idea of ​​the city but where does the car come from and how do they know how to drive a car? Taapsee Pannu is a journalist, but why she keeps telling stories on the same leader on the same case, it is not understood. Why the policeman who is helping them does not already take the help of his companions, it is not known. After kidnapping, the children throw every single part of their Rubik’s Cube out of the car so that the police can chase them, but their kidnappers don’t even notice it all the way. The kidnapped children are kept in a bungalow and these three children put a hidden camera there while they themselves are kidnapped like other children. It is also difficult to understand why the corrupt leader and his henchmen behave like utter fools in the whole matter. There are many mistakes that start stinging after a while. The good thing is that the pace of the story is good, so whatever is happening on the screen can’t take your eyes off it.

Taapsee’s acting is fine. In one scene where she traps the security guards of the kidnappers, it is worth watching, in the rest of the places her work is as per the need. Somewhere she has also looked stupid. Harsh Roshan, Bhanuprakash and Jayateerth – all three are the real stars of the film. Neither his knowledge of geography is good nor the spellings of English. Because of these three, the first part of the film also goes through a lot of fun. While listening to the dialogues of these children and watching the scenes, it seems that the film is going to be a wonderful comedy, but then the film increases like a crime i.e. kidnapping and the audience feels a bit foolish. Mark Robin’s music can almost be called raucous. The music doesn’t sound right in any of the scenes. Same is the case with the cinematography of Yargera Deepak. Where the shame of crime comedy starts coming, there suddenly comes a scene of villainy and no connecting link is seen in both the scenes.

There is a lot of fun while watching the film because the dialogues are funny, the children’s characters are very fun and stupid with age innocence but the rest of the time the film does not know what to say. It is possible that the script of the film was fun to read but its filming could have been many times better. The film could have been better if the writer/director had taken the opinion of an expert about the script rather than just listening to himself. The film could have been better if attention had been given to a little continuity along with fun and jokes in the story. Factual errors could be avoided. Despite all this, all three kids have done a great job. If there were any actress in place of Taapsee, it would have been possible but Taapsee might have done the film only because the script is very good but Swaroop has made many mistakes while putting it on screen. The audience can still watch the film because nowadays films are not made about children and can also watch this film while sitting with the family.

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