Mimoh Chakraborty ready for second inning in cinema, said – ‘It is not necessary to play hero’s role now’

Mimoh Chakraborty (Mimoh Chakraborty) had a great start with the film ‘Jimmy’ (2008), but it did not give much boost to his career. Many of his projects are ready for release this year. Mimoh is the son of Mithun Chakraborty and Yogita Bali.

Mimoh says things are about to change for her. According to the report of Hindustan Times, the actor said during a conversation that my fans have not seen me for a long time. Then the pandemic took away two years of our lives. I am glad that things are back on track. My short film ‘Ab Mujhe Udna Hai’ has been released.

He further says, ‘This short film has won 50 awards worldwide. I have another project which is a thriller. There is also a comedy film ‘Jogira Sara Ra Ra’ with Nawazuddin Siddiqui. I am very excited about these projects.

Mimoh: There was no attraction to play the lead role
Talking about how things have changed for cinema over the years, Mimoh Chakraborty says that the allure of playing a lead role is no longer a priority for him, as he only wants to play memorable roles. He says, ‘Now we have two-three big heroes. He is a superstar and he has a different level. We cannot compete with them.

Mimoh: People like me got a chance to experiment
Explaining his point, Mimoh says, ‘Apart from him, all the other actors are doing experiments. People like me are being given a chance to experiment. Hero has become common man and is no longer a superhero. That’s the best thing about cinema right now. You can challenge yourself with many unique roles. We are no longer obsessed with playing the role of a hero.

Change the cinema, change the role
The actor says that he is happy that he can resume his career. Mimoh says, ‘Now I am getting to play different roles. I am getting an opportunity to experiment. As an actor, one has to keep experimenting to move ahead. I will not say that it is version 2.0, but I will just say that people will see me in a different light. Cinema has changed today, so changes are visible in the offers coming my way.

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