Malaika Arora used to ask the same question to the doctor after the accident, know what the actress said about the accident

Mumbai: Bollywood actress Malaika Arora is often dominated on social media. Whether it is the industry or the world of social media, his discussion remains everywhere. The actress also has a fan following in lakhs. But a few days ago when Malaika Arora accident happened, her fans were also very sad. Now the actress herself has revealed a big thing about that accident. Malaika said that when her accident happened, her body was in shock.

In fact, when Malaika Arora was returning home from Mumbai to Pune after attending a fashion event, this accident happened to her. The doctors kept Malaika Arora under observation for a few days and after some time she was discharged from the hospital.

It took a long time to live a normal life again
Referring to this accident, the actress said that after this accident, it took her a long time to get fully fit and live a normal life again and all this was a bit difficult too. However, now Malaika is completely fine and once again she has returned to her old fitness routine.

Revealed on International Yoga Day 2022
Malaika Arora mentioned her accident while talking on International Yoga Day 2022. She said that I pay a lot of attention to my fitness and when I had an accident, I did not take this situation lightly. During the treatment, I was asking only one thing from the doctors that when can I return to my yoga session again. She said that I could not go back to it all of a sudden.

During treatment, the same question was being asked to the doctors
The actress told that the doctors had initially advised me to do the basic setups of yoga. I also knew that yoga would help in restoring my mental and physical condition. That is why during the treatment, I constantly asked the doctors only one question that after all, when can I do yoga like before. He said that the day my trainer came home, I had tears in my eyes.

The body went into shock
Malaika Arora revealed that my body went into shock after the accident. I had to make myself like before and it took a lot of hard work. He felt very happy the day I took a 45 to one hour yoga class. Today, 2 months have passed since my accident and now I am fully fit and practicing yoga as before.

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